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10 Best Halo-halo in Cebu

Beat the heat of the sun this summertime by hopping on to the best halo halo places in Cebu.

Source: HuffPost

Summer is here and in a tropical country like ours,the heat of the sun could easily melt the sunblock lotion off our faces. It is easy to feel parched, and an ice-cold treat would just sound about right to relieve ourselves of the intense summer heat. For us Filipinos, a staple for this time of the year is halo-halo, a popular cold dessert made of shaved ice, evaporated milk, coconut, sago, gulaman, flan, fruit slices, ube, sweetened beans, and ice cream – if you’re lucky. 

If you want to get quality halo-halo that’s rich in ingredients and true value for money, then check out these halo-halo shops that are the certified best in town. These shops had been selected because they put their own unique spin in their halo-halo servings which make them popular and sought-after by Cebuanos.

Here are the best halo-halo in Cebu:

Ice Giants Desserts and Snacks

Source: FourSquare

Ice Giants Desserts and Snacks is a popular dessert parlor in Davao that opened their branch here in Cebu in 2013. They are best known for Ice Giants concoctions, a huge three-kilo dessert costing around Php500 that is good for eight to ten people – making Ice Giants an ideal place for family and friends who wish to indulge their sweet tooth together. They also have solo servings for those who want to enjoy their dessert by their lonesome.

Other bestsellers in Ice Giants are Halo-halo, Chocolate Titans and Mango Magnifico. 

Ice Giants is located at The Strip, Osmena Boulevard, Cebu City and at City Time’s Square in Mandaue City. They are open Sundays to Thursdays, 10AM-11PM, and Fridays-Saturdays, 10AM-12AM. 

Monbis’ Halo Halo

Source: FourSquare

Tisa is perhaps the halo-halo center in Cebu as it is packed with so many halo-halo places that are always crowded, whatever time or day it is. And Monbi’s Halo Halo is one of the most popular dessert parlors in that area.

Monbi’s is popular for their single halo-halo recipe that incudes super fine ice and Hershey’s chocolate syrup. It is priced at Php75. They don’t serve other food items, so make sure to eat your dinner before coming here.

Monbi’s is located in Katipunan Road, Tisa, Cebu City. They are open daily, 7PM – 12AM.

Hans’ Halo-Halo

Source: Han’s Halo Halo Tisa Facebook page

Han’s Halo-halo is a relatively new halo-halo shop in Tisa, opening only in 2017. They had been making rounds ever since they started because they allow their patrons to pick their ingredients to make their own halo-halo. 

Their ingredients include langka, mais, gulaman, nata de coco, sago, corn flakes, leche flan, saba, mongo, and ube. For their special halo-halo, they can choose up to 6 of these ingredients for Php65. For their supreme halo-halo, they can pick 11 for Php110. They also serve snack items like fries, burger, footlong, hotdog, and siopao.

 Han’s Halo-halo is located in Tisa right across Shell gas station. They are open daily from 3PM to 11PM.

Sol’s Halo-Halo

Source: Twitter (via @YelloCubePH)

Sol’s Halo-halo opened its first branch in Tisa on 2016, and since then they have had multiple branches in Cebu City, Mandaue City and Carcar City. Their trademark ingredient in their halo-halo is their homemade creamy candied and super fine ice that is 100% sugar-free, which really makes their halo-halo more flavorful and milky. The regular halo-halo costs Php50 while the special halo-halo costs Php60 (price varies depending on which branch you’re in).

They also sell beverages and other desserts like macaroons, buko pandan, puto cheese, leche flan, maja blanca, custard cake, and broken glass.

Sol’s Halo-halo is open daily, 4PM – 11:00PM.

Majestic Restaurant

Source: TripAdvisor

Majestic Restaurant is not only popular for their Chinese dishes but also for serving one of the best halo-halo in Cebu, their own version of Snow Ice Halo-halo. It comes with finely-grained ice shavings which are soaked with milk and topped with rice crispies and leche flan. 

Their small halo-halo costs Php60 while their large serving costs Php115.

Majestic Restaurant has three branches in Ayala Center Cebu, SM Seaside City, and in North Reclamation Area. They are open depending on the operational hours of these malls. 

Meltons’ Halo-Halo

Source: Zomato

Melton’s Halo-Halo is just a few hundred meters from Monbi’s and is also a popular go-to place for your halo-halo fix. They had been around for a while now and their classic halo-halo recipe has earned them the title Best Halo-Halo by SunStar in its Best of Cebu campaign for 2015. 

Their special halo-halo costs Php55 and their super special halo-halo costs Php65. If you want a more languorous snack time to fully enjoy your halo-halo experience, Melton’s also serve other food items like squid roll, tempura, french fries, batchoy, ngohiong, and pizza.

Ice Castle Halo Halo and Ice Cream House

Source: FourSquare

There is little to be said about Ice Castle. They’ve been around a long time, and  Ice Castle being Cebuanos’ favorite destination predates the relatively new craze for halo-halo. Their delectable presentations come in satisfying sizes. Apart from their very popular halo-halo, they also offer desserts like ice cream splits, sundaes, parfaits, juices, shakes, and sandwiches

Ice Castle Halo-halo and Ice Cream House has their branches in SM City, Ayala Center, Cebu Raintree Mall, Mango Square, Gaisano Mactan, and Crossroad Mall. They are open depending on the operational hours of these malls.

Timo’s Halo Halo

Source: Timo’s Halo Halo Facebook page

Timo’s Halo-halo is known for their own unique halo-halo flavors like Cheetos Halo halo, Butter Caramel Halo-halo, Mango Float Halo-halo, Strawberry Banana Halo-halo, and Choco Brownie Halo-halo. They also serve the classic halo-halo flavor for those who are not into exploring other flavors. 

The ice in their halo-halo is finely-shaved and flavored perfectly. Price starts at Php75.

Timo’s Halo-halo is located at Sabellano Street, Punta Princesa Labangon, Cebu City. They are open Monday to Thursday, 2PM -11PM and Friday to Sunday from 3PM-11:30PM.

Araw-Araw Halo-Halo

Source: FourSquare

Araw-Araw Halo-halo is a direct competitor of Melton’s since they are located right across each other. 

Their halo-halo product specialty includes mega special, super special, special, buko con yelo, and mais con yelo. They also serve snack items including batchoy, tempura, squid balls, french fries, pizza, spring roll, siomai, and steamed rice.

Araw-Araw Halo-halo is located at 547 I Tabura St, Cebu City. They are open Monday to Saturday, 1PM – 11:30PM and on Sunday, 3PM – 11:30PM.

Victoria’s Halo Halo

Source: Burpple

Victoria’s Halo-halo is a quaint halo-halo place in Talisay. If you want to enjoy your halo-halo in an al fresco dining setting, go to Victoria’s and eat your dessert on their roof deck. Their super special halo-halo which is served on a short cup with leche flan, wafer stick, cereal, sugar, coconut and jackfruit strips, mallow, peanuts, banana, and milk topped with 2 scoops of ice cream costs Php65 while their regular serving costs Php30 and their special serving Php45.

They also serve rice meals and snack items like tempura, sandwiches, and Biano’s pizza.

Victoria’s Halo-halo is located at San Isidro Road, Talisay City. They are open Monday 12PM – 1PM and 4PM – 11PM, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 3PM – 11PM, Wednesday 5PM – 11PM, Friday 4PM – 11PM, and Sunday 1PM – 11PM. 

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