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9 Student budget-friendly places to date in Cebu City

Who says you have to break the bank to have a nice, romantic date in Cebu City? There are a lot of student-budget friendly spots in the city – and we will help you where to look.

Taking your significant other out on a date is one of the things that keep relationships fun and exciting. You both look forward to it, especially when the date involves elaborate planning and special arrangements. There are times when you want to do dates more regularly than you do, but you would not want to break the bank just to spend quality time with your loved one outdoors.

If you want to trade your usual candlelit dinners or movie dates with some sort of a mini-adventure, then you might want to consider dating on a student’s budget for a change. This would mean going to places that are romantic but cheap and easy access at the same time.

There are a lot of spots like this in Cebu City of course, and if you are up for it, then here are our suggestions:

1. Fort San Pedro

Fort San Pedro is one of the most celebrated tourist attractions in Cebu City for its historical significance. The outside of the fort looks formidable even after centuries from when it was built, and the inside of course has had a few aesthetic embellishments for tourism. Have a scenic stroll here and snap a few shots from its picturesque corners and spots. For only Php30 (Php20 for students) which you will pay at the entrance, you and your partner can immerse yourselves in Cebuano history and brush up your knowledge of it.

Source: Wikipedia

2. Plaza Independencia

Plaza Independencia is the park where Fort San Pedro is nestled. After touring the fort, you can resume the date outside and go for a classic walk in the park while holding hands. Reminisce Cebu’s cultural past as well as your past moments together as you tread the bricked pavements of the park. You can rest at their lovely gazebo as well which is made all the more romantic by the surrounding lamp posts, flood lamps on monuments, and the lighted balls on trees.

Source: SunStar

3. Tops Lookout

Elevate your dating experience (quite literally) while still saving bucks. Tops Lookout is a top attraction located in Cebu Tops Road, Busay. The experience you will have coming here is nothing short of romantic and serene as it offers a remarkable panoramic view in a fortress-like viewing deck. 

Tops Lookout also has a bar for beers and snacks if you want to spend a longer time here. You can also bring your own food and drinks since they don’t have a corkage fee. Tops is open every day from 10AM to 2AM. Entrance fee is Php100 per person. There aren’t a lot of people here, which makes it one of the top attractions and most hidden gems in Cebu City. 

Source: Marco Polo Facebook page

4. Ayala Center Cebu and Cebu Business Park

Ayala Center Cebu is one of centers of commercial activity here in Cebu City. Opened in November 1994, this 240,000 square meter mall is now surrounded by many other commercial buildings in a 50-hectare masterplanned development by Cebu Holdings. The roads here are well-kept, and there are gardens and greeneries all around the park. You and your partner can head on to Ayala grounds and go for a night or early morning run, as a way of having fun and letting loose with them. 

Inside the mall, there is also no shortage of spots where you can hang without spending serious dough. You can buy some food to munch on inside the mall, spread your picnic mat on the lea beside Chocolatier, and watch the people or the night sky while sharing a hearty conversation.

Source: Cebu Holdings

5. Chalet Hills

Chalet Hills is a great campsite that’s an easy trail for beginners or for those who are just getting back to hiking. It is located in Sitio Babag, Busay, just a few minutes away from the Temple of Leah. You can pitch a tent there for free and stay the night as you watch the stars and enjoy the cool sea breeze. It gets really cold here though, so make sure you’ve packed enough warmers.

It is easy access – just ride a motorcycle taxi (habal2x) from JY Square Mall for Php75 per person (Php150 per motorcycle since it sits two people, perfect for you and your partner) if you don’t have private transportation. 

Source: Flickr

6. Family Park

Located just near University of San Carlos – Talamban Campus, you two can go straight to Family Park and spend your afternoon here. Pay Php15 per person at the entrance fee and have some quiet time together here. There are swings and slides, a mini-zoo, and tables and chairs that you can rent out.

Source: Cebu Tours

7. I.T. Park

Before heading to IT Park, you two can whip up something together in your kitchen to put in your picnic basket, or simply buy some fast food if cooking is not an option. Set your picnic mat on one of the grassy areas in the park, have your dinner, and talk the night away. You can also go for a leisurely walk if you’re having pins and needles from too much time sitting with your legs crossed on the ground.

Source: Cebu IT Park

8. Senior Citizen’s Park

Senior Ctitizen’s Park is a 3,000 square meter park that is located between the Filipino-Chinese Museum and the new Cebu City Financial Center just across the Cebu City Hall. It is a small haven to the busy streets around it, and it offers a good view of the sea at the South Road Properties (SRP). You two can spend a nice afternoon or evening here and take advantage of the many cheap amenities surrounding the park. 

Source: Trip Advisor

9. South Road Properties (SRP) Beach View

Head on to the SRP Beach View after spending enough time in Senior Citizen’s Park. Find a good spot along the coastal road for the sunset. Dine with take-outs or dig in your packed sandwiches, salads, and some drinks. The sunset here is spectacular as you can see the changing colors of the sky and the sea into the night.

Source: Flickr

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