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About Cebu Bulletin

Cebu Bulletin is a news and entertainment website recently launched last January 2020.

Was featured as Cebu, Philippines for top 10 news websites to follow in 2020 by The Odyssey Online. It serves as an avenue where readers can contribute and can be as transparent as possible.

Focusing on different topics such as foods, current news and events, travel and Cebu’s finest attractions. But not limited to Politics and Real Estate.

Same With We also:

encourages both the private and public sectors to support its advocacy in bringing awareness to the people all over the world the beauty of Cebu and its culture.

We are also open to cover events, review products and services, feature historical/modern/new places in Cebu, and the likes. You can contact us via email: [email protected]

NOTE:  NOT affiliated or connected to any blogging group / community / society in Cebu. We are an independent group. Please direct all communications to us.

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