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Meet Aice, the affordable Singaporean ice cream that Pinoys are loving

Aice is a Singaporean ice cream brand that became popular in the Philippines due to its affordability and variety of delicious flavors.

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It is always ice cream season in a tropical country like Philippines. Filipinos of all ages love to have a cone or tub of this delicious, frozen dessert on any occasion or time of the day. And with so many brands vying for larger mass consumption, the popularity contest no longer boils down to whoever has been around the longest. It is about providing the best ice cream at the most affordable price.

That’s how Aice, a foreign ice cream brand from Singapore, fortified its entry into the country and made its way to the mainstream market.

Aice Ice Cream comes to Ph

Aice is a Singaporean ice cream brand that first became popular in Indonesia due to its affordability. The company is said to source local ingredients which would explain its low price, and its popularity soon reaches the shores of the country in as early as the last quarter of 2018.

It became a massive hit first in Metro Manila in 2019 after many retail stores started selling their ice creams, making it very accessible to the general masses. It was instantly well-received due to its fruit-shaped variants like their watermelon pops and mango slush sticks and fun, familiar flavors which were all available at the price range of Php10 to Php30.

Soon enough, the craze for Aice spread in the entire country. It became viral and was seen in many MyDays and IG stories of Filipinos across the nation. Cebu for one welcomed Aice and its Instagrammable products with wide, open arms.

Aice’s product line

Aice has many popsicles and items to choose from. Here’s a list of their current offerings:

  • Sweet Corn
  • Bingo Bells
  • Strawberry Crispy
  • Crispy Choco
  • Chocolate Stick
  • Sundae Chocolate Cup
  • Mango Slush Stick
  • Pineapple
  • Milk Melon
  • Coffee Crispy Stick
  • Milk Stick
  • Milk and Eggs
  • Cone Taro
  • Mochi Vanilla
  • Mochi Chocolate

They are also offering 800ml ice cream tubs tagged at Php120. It’s called Avocado and Strawberry Sundae with Chocolate and Strawberry Syrup.

Where to find Aice in Cebu?

There are many resellers in Cebu that make Aice ice cream resalable in your suking tindahan. You’ll find that Aice products are sold in most areas in Cebu City, Lapu-lapu, Mactan, Toledo, and Talisay. Several Aice stations have popped up fast over a short period of time, so a simple Google  or Facebook  search will reveal just where exactly you’ll find these resellers.

Become an Aice Reseller

If you own a mart or a retail store, becoming an Aice reseller would be a good way for you to generate more income. The profit margin for the sale of each ice cream is around 20-25%. To be clear, Aice only allows interested applicants to resell; there are no franchisee or dealership opportunities available.

To be a qualified reseller, the applicant must have a shop that is

  • clean
  • in a high foot traffic area
  • ideally a grocery shop
  • with a freezer that can keep the ice creams in good condition

How to contact Aice Philippines

Have An Aice Day Everyone!

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