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Vamos al Arano’s Restaurant

Arano’s Restaurant is a home-turned-restaurant in Guadalupe that serves authentic Spanish food made especially to suit the Cebuano taste.

Filipino cuisine is a hybrid of all its tight foreign influences: Chinese, Malay, American, and of course Spanish.

That is why as much as there are items like pancit, steak, and grilled meat skewers in our typical Pinoy handaan, there are also unmistakably Spanish dishes like chorizo, arroz caldo, pochero, empanada, and more.

Now if you are wondering where to get authentic Spanish food made especially for the Cebuano palate, look no further than Arano’s Restaurant, an unassuming house-turned-to-restaurant in Guadalupe.

Arano’s Restaurant

Arano’s Restaurant is an authentic Basque-Spanish restaurant located in Fairlane Village, Guadalupe. It is easy to miss the place for its sign is as inconspicuous as the house that got converted into the actual restaurant.

Arano’s has been serving Spanish-Filipino dishes for a quarter of a century now. The owner, Senor Angel Arano, passed away a few years ago, but he has certainly passed on his legacy and cuisine mastery to his wife and son that survived him.

The inside of the restaurant is filled with Spanish memorabilia like pictures and pistols, while the outside has tables with gingham tablecloths and fairy lights that do set a mood for intimate dinners.

They recently had a mini-renovation done early this year. Currently, the restaurant is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 6:00PM to 10:00PM. They also deliver through Maxim, Grab, and Lalamove.


Arano’s menu is full of Spanish dishes that are tweaked by Elizabeth, Senor Angel’s wife, to suit the local tastes and preferences. Even so, she makes sure that her innovations passed the high criteria set by her late husband who sure knew a great deal about la comida espanola.

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Considering the sizes in which the food items are prepared, they are actually pretty affordable. Four to five people can share a single dish. If you plan to eat here, it is best to call the restaurant in advance as it takes time, sometimes days, to prepare the ingredients of the food.

The place is almost always packed too, so making reservations sure is a bright idea to maximize your time and dining experience at Arano’s.

Perhaps their most popular menu item is the squid-ink paella with seafood and chorizo. Other highlights include gambas al ajillo or prawns in garlic sauce, beef lengua or tongue in tomato sauce, chorizo suelto which is loose sausage (not encased), baked stuffed chicken, taco de Pescao, Croqueta de carne, Tortilla de Patata, Callos, and other steak and pork dishes.

How to contact Aranos Restaurant

To get to Arano’s Restaurant, simply drive to the Guadalupe area until you reach Guadalupe Elementary School. From across, you will see a very small corner, with a large sign that says, “FAIRLANE VILLAGE.” Enter, turn right, and go straight. On the right side, you will find a small door with a signage that says “Arano’s”.

  • Location: 31 Fairlane Village, Guadalupe, Cebu City
  • Landline: +6332-256-1934
  • Phone: 09173121806
  • Facebook