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Cebu Bulletin Top Picks: Trip to Busay Restaurants That You Probably Haven’t Heard Of Yet

There are a lot of Busay restaurants that you probably haven’t heard of yet. Let’s take a look at the new and less known gems along TCH.

The road to Busay is peppered with many tourist attractions as well as bikers who want to conquer the upward slopes and curves of the mountain. Because of that, several establishments open every year to cater to the ever-growing and ever-changing tourist and cycling scene in the barangay.

There are of course countless restaurants in Cebu, but some of the best ones are in Busay not only because of their delectable offerings but also the spectacular panoramic view that embellishes the dining experiences. The best food in Cebu is that which can be wolfed down under the glorious bathing light of the sun rising and setting over the breathtaking view of the city.

Top picks for Busay Restaurants

We have compiled a list of affordable restaurants in Cebu that you will find in Busay and along Transcentral Highway. Every place in this list is known and frequented by cyclists and motorcycle riders.

Good food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, lush foliage, and steady gush of fresh air are their selling points, but their greatest common denominator? With a view to beat, the best breakfast in Cebu can only be had in Busay Restaurants.

Note: All photos are sourced from the restaurants' individual Facebook pages.

Matana Café

Matana Café offers all-day breakfast and space for cars and cyclists to park their vehicles. It is an alfresco dining area, and from there you can see the buildings from Cebu City all the way to Opon. They have one of the best sunrise views in Busay. You can walk there after visiting Temple of Leah which is only a few meters away.

  • Open hours: 6:30AM to 8:00PM
  • Serving: All-day breakgast
  • Contact: Facebook, 09567895704
  • Location: Click here for Google Maps

Rustic Hut Carenderia

Rustic Hut Carenderia can accommodate up to 20 people at a time in their lower deck. The road leading there isn’t well-lit, so be cautious on your way. They have a parking fee ranging from Php20 to Php50.

  • Open hours: 11AM to 2AM, Tuesdays through Sundays
  • Serving: Pica pica, barbeque, and silog meals
  • Contact: Facebook, 09338162733, 09051403958
  • Location: Click here for Google Maps.

Liel’s Kitchen by Serenity Farm and Resort

Source: Glyth Villamore Lamprea’s Facebook

Liel’s Kitchen is a Japanese restaurant and is one among the three restaurants nestled inside the beautiful Serenity Farm and Resort. You can walk in there and have your fill of satiating Japanese food while lounging around in their swings and hammocks. No entrance fee required.

  • Open hours: 12NN to 9PM
  • Serving: Modern Japanese food
  • Contact: 09560314799, Instagram, Facebook, Email
  • Location: Click here for Google Maps.

Mak’s View: Ayer’s Lechon / Maharlicup / Humba Haven

Mak’s View is a food hub where Ayer’s Lechon, Maharlicup, and Humba Heaven have stalls of their own. If you’re looking to get the best lechon in cebu, then Ayer’s Lechon Cebu can take care of that craving for you. If you fancy Cebu delicacies for your breakfast fix, head to Maharlicup for a delicious cup of their cacao drink or sikwate and kakanin like Argao torta, puto, and more. Or if you want a filling meal,  go to Humba Heaven for their humba varieties and other meal combos.

  • Open hours: Ayer’s Lechon (7AM to 9PM), Maharlicup (6AM to 8PM), Humba Heaven (7AM to 9PM)
  • Serving:
  • Contact: Ayer’s Lechon (Facebook, (032) 383-4030/ (032)231-7615, 09274406891 / 09228268133), Maharlicup (09298173188, Email, Facebook, Instagram), Humba Heaven (Facebook,
  • Location: Click here for Google Maps

Tambayan sa Kurbadahan

Tambayan sa Kurbadahan isn’t exactly one of Busay restaurants. It is more of an alfresco eatery which is situated right at one of the blind curves in Transcentral Highway. It is a favorite spot among bikers and cyclists because of their home-style food options.

  • Open hours: (contact them for more information)
  • Serving: Fresh buko, desserts, egg, manok  bisaya, other lutong-bahay food, lechon belly for Php500/kilo
  • Contact: Facebook, 09420028341
  • Location: Click here for Google Maps

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