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Carnaza Island: Travel For Peace And Isolation

Carnaza Island is a tourist destination for those on a budget. It is located in Daanbantayan Cebu.

Source: South Shore Cebu Tours

Do you want to go on an early summer vacation? Planning on going off the grid, or an experience in a secluded place with someone you love in pristine beaches, crystal clear water, amazing rock formations, and gorgeous sunsets? Then Carnaza Island Cebu might just be the perfect place.

The beauty of Carnaza Island

Carnaza Island is a 174-hectare turtle-shaped island bordered on all sides by the Visayan Sea. It is located in Daanbantayan Cebu, a province located north of Cebu.

There isn’t much tourism in the area because of its distance and accessibility, which is great if you want a more intimate experience of the island. It is perfect too for backpackers and those on a budget since the amenities in Carnaza Island Resort are not very expensive.

Carnaza Island is shrouded in low mountains and rain forest, and offers fine white sand beaches. It has several picturesque limestone formations, and the waters are teal.

Carnaza Island – how to get there

The Carnaza Island budget trip is totally conceivable. From the North Bus Terminal, ride a bus bound for Maya-Bagay and tell the conductor you’re headed to Tapilon Port. Here is the breakdown of Carnaza Island rates for transportation:

  • ₱424 (₱212 /way) – Airconditioned bus from North Bus Terminal to Tapilon Port in Daanbantayan. ETA is 4 hours.
  • ₱300 (₱150 /way) – Boat going to Carnaza Island. ETA is 2 hours. A pump boat for ₱7,000 roundtrip which can carry around 25-30 people is also an option.

Carnaza Eco Park Resort

Carnaza Eco Park Resort is a private beach Resort owned by the Osmeña family. Their unique and enticing wooden tents which serve as the island’s accommodation provide a great photo opportunity, and each one has a king sized bed inside. Here is the breakdown of the rates:

  • Entrance fee: ₱200 per head
  • Tent: Regular Season – ₱100 (Offered by the Staff of Carnaza Eco Park). Peak Season – P300
  • Room Rates: ₱200 per night, good for 2 persons.

You may bring your own camping tents as well.

Source: South Shore Cebu Tours

Walk-ins are welcome for overnight stays, but it’s recommended to make a booking first. You can make your reservation by reaching these contact numbers: 0936-731-6495 / 0999-860-9761 / 0936-731-6495, visiting their Facebook Page, or sending them an email at [email protected]

Electricity in Carnaza Island is only available from 7am to 10pm, and is lit at night by solar powered street lights. Flashlights and power banks are a must when visiting.

Where to eat on Carnaza Island

Bringing your own food supplies is recommended. You can also buy cheap fresh catch from the fishermen in the area. Convenience stores or “sari-sari stores” are all over the island for your immediate needs, but expect them to come at a much higher price.

There is a restaurant located in Daan Barrio and close to Kailina Beach if you prefer to have your food served. Its name is Carnaza Island Psalms Restaurant, and the meals here range from Php90-200. Alternatively, you can also opt for cooking service in Carnaza Eco Park. Rates start at Php300, and use of their utensils also costs Php300.

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