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Cebu Covid-19 updates as of mid-November 2020

Cebu is one of the areas in the country with the highest cases of Covid-19. Here are the latest Cebu Covid-19 updates as of mid-November 2020

Cebu island and neighboring islands
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Cebu is one of the areas in the country with the highest cases of Covid-19. It has gone on a lot of government-mandated adjustments in their effort to ‘flatten the curve’. Here are the latest updates in Cebu City.

Rising cases in Cebu City

Cebu City is under modified general community quarantine (MGCQ) which is the most relaxed quarantine status. It is expected to be in effect until November 30, and the steady decline of cases since MGCQ started put everyone at ease – perhaps a little bit too relaxed to the point of complacency.

There is a looming threat of a second wave in the city as the number of daily positive cases rises to two-digit figures. A majority of these cases according to the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) are transmissions from outside the household and outside of the city. Pregnant women who went to birthing clinics and people who were on a vacation within Cebu province were among them.

Officials ascribe this spike to an alarming trend of the residents’ blatant disregard of health protocols. If no immediate intervention is initiated by the government, the city could be looking at spending Christmas under enhanced community quarantine (ECQ).

Return of strict protocols

There will be a city-wide reinforcement of health protocols to help prevent the escalation of the health crisis posed by the COVID-19 virus. Wearing of masks and face shields, physical distancing, and nonessential trips outdoors will be strictly implemented and observed, and border controls will be fortified.

As per the Cebu City Mayor Edgar Labella’s announcement on November 13, these are the measures to be deployed starting November 16:

  • Local law enforcement will limit the flow of people in and out of Cebu City at 5:01AM
  • Only APORs (authorized persons outside residence) and residents working in the city with valid IDs and employment certificates can enter and exit the city
  • Quarantine pass number coding will be reimplemented
  • Entry of locally stranded individuals (LSIs) will be regulated and no leisure travels will be allowed
  • No more street caroling

Oplan Bulabog  and Oplan Paglilibot

The city police office commenced Oplan Bulabog on November 13. Restaurants, bars, retail stores, and other commercial establishments were randomly inspected to see if they were following safety protocols per the city’s Executive Order. Several people were caught drinking in public places including a restobar in Barangay Kasambagan while failing to practice social distancing. A shoe store that launched its shoe sale event in its opening day in Barangay Lahug was also ordered to close on the same day due to its violation of the community quarantine policy that prohibits mass gathering. JS Footwear’s 11.11 promotion of 3 shoes for Php998 drew hordes of people, some of them not wearing masks and social distancing. The store was also operating without a sales permit.

The gravest sanction for businesses operating outside of health protocols is a closure order. Random inspections are to be expected under Oplan Bulabog.

The police office also began Oplan Paglilibot that seeks to reinforce curfew measures in the city. At least 125 curfew violators were rounded up. Violators will be fined Php500 on first offence or ordered to render eight hours of community service. Second offence warrants a Php1,000 fine while third offence warrants Php3,000 fine or 30 days imprisonment.

City curfew was set to 11PM to 5AM at the beginning of October.

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