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Cebu Ocean Park: The Largest Oceanarium in the Philippines

Source: GizGuide

Thinking of a wholesome and relaxed kind of fun? You can go visit Cebu Ocean Park, the first and only marine themed park in Cebu. It comprises various world class educational displays and encounters that are perfect for visitors of all ages.

Cebu Ocean Park location

Cebu Ocean Park has the largest Oceanarium in the Philippines. It spans a bigger and deeper water volume: a 1.5-hectare area located beside the San Pedro Calungsod Chapel, at the back of SM Seaside City Cebu Complex within the South Road Properties, Cebu City. It is an affiliate of Manila Ocean Park and was conceptualized and implemented by the same team of professionals.

Cebu Ocean Park and how it started

Cebu Ocean Park is the first marine park in Visayas and Mindanao, and has the largest Oceanarium in the Philippines (bigger than Manila Ocean Park) with function spaces and a food hall. It is designed as an all-year round tourist destination.

Cebu Ocean Park started in 2008 when Manila Ocean Park was first conceived. It opened on August 24, 2019 in the SRP, and has since then been visited by thousands of tourists – local and international. It is open from 10AM to 8PM.

Cebu Ocean Park has convention rooms that are developed as tourism and educational facilities. They serve as the primary edutainment (education + entertainment) facility in Visayas and Mindanao, with thousands of marine creatures of more than 200 species indigenous to the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

They also have state-of-the-art function rooms that can cater to each of your occasion requirements. The rooms can suit extensive scale gatherings that require various types of set-ups including theater, classroom, meeting room, and U-shape.

Cebu Ocean Park activities

  •  Multi-animal shows

Cebu Ocean Park has a multi-species cast that showcases their intelligence and talent in a highly entertaining and educational spectacle. These shows include SeaTrek, Glass Bottom Ride, Stingray Interaction, Mermaid Swim Encounter, Bird Feeding, Fish Spa, and Crocodile Cage.

  • Deep Tank Lagoon with a 360-degree view

They house a walkthrough that is home to a richly diverse collection of aquatic species. It is the deepest aquarium in the Philippines with a volume of 3,500 cubic meters of seawater and 7.2-meter water depth.

  • Creepy Critters

The Creepy Critters is an exhibit that features dozens of species to celebrate the diversity, beauty, and unique adaptations of both native and exotic reptiles and insects. It allows you to explore these species beyond their usual nightmarish and creep-inducing qualities.

  • Jungle Trek

Cebu Ocean Park prides itself on its jungle of remarkable collections of freshwater fish and other faunas. They house river giants all in one tank, hand-feed Australian lories & lorikeets, and freshwater fish mostly found in the Amazon and African rivers.

Cebu Ocean Park rates

  • Journey Experience – Php600/head on weekdays and Php800/head on weekends for adults and kids. Children below 2ft are free of charge. It is inclusive of
  1. Jungle Trek 
  2. Creepy Critters 
  3. Lorries
  4. Seven Seas 
  5. Stingray Interaction 
  6. Oceanarium Journey 
  7. Ampitheatre 
  8. Main Tank Gallery
  •  Sea Trek – Php1,200
  • Crocodile Cage – Php2,000
  • Fish spa – Php100/20 minutes
  • Swim w/ the Sting ray – Php1,000

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