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CoCo Milk Tea is here in Cebu to stay

CoCo Milk Tea is a Taiwan-based company taking Cebu by storm. Their branches are in SM Seaside City Cebu and Ayala Center Cebu.

Cebu is one of the largest milk tea hubs in the country, with thousands of milk tea stations springing up on the island by the year. It is safe to say that Cebuanos are obsessed with milk tea, and this pearl-imbued vogue is far from dying down anytime soon.

With the coming of CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice who is a major player in the milk tea industry in Cebu, our sweet tooth is further indulged. Never mind the long queues you would usually observe at their two branches: anyone who has ever had their taste buds blessed with a CoCo drink would tell you that it is worth the wait.

About CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice is an international company originating from Taiwan in 1997. Their expansion is an inspirational story, from only opening a hundred stores in Taiwan on 2005 to 4,000 worldwide today. They have branched out to China, Thailand, Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam, London, United States, Australia, Canada, and South Africa.

CoCo comes to Cebu

The first CoCo branch in the Philippines opened at Techno Plaza in Quezon City on 2013. Their delicious array of tea and coffee drinks won the capital over, and in March 2019 Cebu finally got to be acquainted with the popular milk tea brand. They opened their first branch in Cebu at SM Seaside City Cebu and the second at Ayala Center Cebu.

Cebuanos were quick to accept CoCo into the fold as is evidenced by the long lines and their fully occupied shops which are almost everyday occurrences. They are an instant hit because you won’t find their unique offerings elsewhere.

CoCo offerings

You can enjoy a CoCo drink for as low as Php85. There are 30 varieties you can choose from their menu which include:

  • milk tea
  • fruit tea
  • fresh tea
  • cream and latte
  • juice
  • chocolate
  • slush
  • coffee
Source: Chasing Bleu

Their latest addition to their offerings, QQ, is a milk tea drink with a combination of chewy taro balls and sweet potato balls – an interesting alternative to black pearls. They also added flair to their coffee drinks by topping them with pearls and salty cream.  

If you haven’t tried any of their drinks, we suggest you first try their:

1. Matcha Slush with Salty Cream 

A matcha drink is a constant favorite among Cebuanos, and CoCo is a master in upscaling already well-loved drinks. Their matcha slush is topped with their signature salty cream, which makes it a 10/10 sweet treat.

2. Salty Cream Milk Tea

Cheese teas have been making rounds for a while, and CoCo is an expert at making them. Their salty cream is made of Himalayan salt and their milk tea uses fresh milk.

3. 3 Buddies Milk Tea

This drink has three toppings: pudding, grass jelly, and black pearls. This is perfect for those who love add-ons and can’t choose which is which.

4. Panda Milk Tea

This drink got its name from its two toppings: the toasty black pearls and the fresh white pearls. Both pearls give a different twist, making the drink all the more interesting.

5. Chocolate Milk Tea With Pudding and Pearl

For lovers of extra sweet drinks, CoCo’s chocolate milk drink infused with pudding and pearl is a must-try.

How to contact CoCo

CoCo is open from 10AM to 9PM daily. To contact them, you may call them at (315) 575-9298 or email them at [email protected]. You may also reach them on their socials:

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