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Sogod na sa El Mar Resort

Feel like you have been to every worth-visiting resort in Cebu? Getting tired of the same beaches you go to for spontaneous road trips or family outings?

You may not want to miss the newest addition to Cebu’s roster of premium resorts. Located in the northern part of Cebu is El Mar Resort and Spa, Sogod’s latest crown jewel.

El Mar Resort and Spa

El Mar Resort and Spa opened to limited patronage early in 2021. It will be available to the general public within the year. It is owned by Cebuano business tycoon Michel Lhuillier who, after the success of his Cebu Safari and Adventure Park in Carmen is determined to emulate the same feat for Sogod.

The resort is an 89-hectare property filled with vibrant flora, stretches of white sand, seven coves, high-class accommodations, pools, al fresco restaurant, and so much space for guests to explore via e-scooters and trams.

It also prides itself in its pristine, turquoise waters and beautiful beachfronts that inspire a feeling of peace and tranquillity among its guests. Its rooms and reception areas have a modern interior style that is an elegant combination of pastel tones and hardwood. The amenities they provide are nothing short of excellence, guaranteeing comfort and supreme resort experience.

Amenities and Rooms

El Mar Resort is a big property that it would take hours for guests to fully explore it. For those who want to take a break from swimming at the beach or in the pool, they can tour the resort with their free tour in their trams. You can also ride around using their complementary e-scooters and bikes.

The resort also offers water-based activities like kayaking and jet skiing. All aforementioned amenities are inclusions of day use and room reservation fees.

Their reservation office is open Monday to Saturday, 8AM to 5PM.


  • Day use: Php1500/head for adults with Php400 food and beverage credits
                    : Php700/head for kids below 11 years old without food and beverage credits

    Room rates
  • Deluxe Seaview : Weekdays, Php4,200/night for 2 persons with no breakfast
                                  : Weeknights, Php7,300/night for 2 persons with breakfast and dinner
  • Premier Seaview : Weekdays, Php6,300/night for 3 persons with no breakfast
                                    : Weekends, Php10,050/night for 3 persons with breakfast and dinner
  • Deluxe Family : Weekdays, Php7,600/night for 4 persons with no breakfast
                               : Weekends, Php13,640/night for 4 persons with breakfast and dinner
  • Casitas Seaview : Weekdays, Php10,000/night for 4 persons with no breakfast
                                   : Weekends, Php16,880/night for 4 persons with breakfast and dinner
  • Presidential Villa : Weekdays, Php20,800/night for 8 persons with no breakfast
                                     : Weekends, Php34,900/night for 8 persons with breakfast and dinner
                                      : Comes with a private pool

The resort is not completely open to the public at the time of this writing. You may book your reservations at least 5 days before the day of reservation, and there will be no allowed walk-ins.

Sunrise Pavilion

Sunrise Pavilion is the resort’s al fresco restaurant that directly faces the beach. It offers all-day dining services with themed buffets and a wide variety of food selections. They are open Monday to Thursday, 6AM to 10PM, and Friday to Sunday, 6AM to 12AM.

How to contact El Mar Resort