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How to Eat Tuslob Buwa

Tuslob buwa is a uniquely Cebuano street food made of pig’s brain and mixed with liver, onions, and oil to create a bubble-filled dish. The words tuslob buwa literally translates “to dip into bubbles.”

Tuslob Buwa in Azul

Any locals who have heard of Azul would associate the word and the place to the famous tuslob buwa, which started gaining mainstream popularity in early 2014. Tuslob buwa is a uniquely Cebuano street food sold in barangay Pasil and Ermita and in some other parts in Cebu. The words tuslob buwa literally translates “to dip into bubbles.”

Tuslob buwa has become a good source of income for some enterprising individuals who have already been in the business for at least fifteen years. 

Tuslob buwa – Cebu

Tuslob buwa’s main ingredient is the pig’s brain. It is mixed with liver, onions, and oil to create a bubble-filled dish. Sometimes, shrimp is added to add taste to the dish. In Azul Gorordo, they have a set of added ingredients to its version of tuslob buwa.

The preparation is simple. All you need is a burning frying pan and the mixture provided to you to achieve that saucy dipping.  This will be best served with your puso (hanging rice) that you will dip into the pan. Ice-cold soft drinks on the side are recommended to complete your street dining experience.

Tuslob buwa increased in popularity over the years that it has become a profitable business idea for some business-minded individuals. One notable tuslob buwa outlet is Azul along Gorordo Avenue which is owned by Ian Sekong, an entrepreneur and musician.

Tuslob buwa in Azul

Azul is now making rounds especially after getting featured on Netflix’s Street Food Asia. They provide you your own set in preparation for the cooking, with guidelines on how to cook on your own. Sekong personally added some innovations into the recipe in an attempt to set it apart from the older style of eating tuslob buwa. They provide staff assistance for those who don’t know how to cook the dish.

Preparing your tuslob buwa experience

  1. Prepare the burner switch down and turn the knob on.
  2. Heat the Wok until dry and place on little oil.  Avoid overheating the wok
  3. Put half amount of the onions. Beware of oil burst.
  4. Saute half of the liver and shrimp. Add based on preferred saltiness.
  5. Add a little soy sauce to improve the saltiness and mix continuously.
  6. Pour half portion of the Brain Stock.
  7. Simmer for 2 minutes or until desired consistency. Wait for the bubbles to appear.
  8. For a spicy kick, ask for chili flakes.
  9. Dip your hanging rice.

You can enjoy your tuslob buwa experience more by pairing it with your favorite cold drink. Remember that they only give the ingredients; how it tastes depends on your cooking and your personal gastronomical preferences.

How much does tuslob buwa cost?

  1. Azul : 1 Set with 12-pc Puso (hanging rice)
    Regular: Php150
    Special: Php180 with chicharon bits, egg, roasted garlic
  2. Streetfood by Sugbo (in Ayala):  Php200 per set, with 12-pc puso and chicharon bits, egg, and roasted garlic

Where to eat tuslob buwa

Azul is located along Gorordo Ave, Cebu City which is a few meters away from Golden Peak Hotel, before CIC. They are open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

There is also an Azul tuslob buwa stall in Streetfood by Sugbo located in the packet garden outside Krispy Kreme in Ayala Central Business Park.

You can also find tuslob buwa stalls in Pasil and Ermita where the eating experience is slightly different. It is more communal in nature: the vendor prepares the wok for tuslob buwa, and random customers can just dip the puso when it is ready. But if served on a plate, the customer pays Php10.

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