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How to maximize the Cebu City Public Library

Cebu City Public Library is the first public library in the Philippines to be open on a 24/7 basis.

Cebu City Public Library
Source: CNN Philippines

The population of students in Cebu City is overwhelming. This is no surprise, the city being the center of education.

There are many places to study like coffee shops and even fast-food restaurants at night, but a lot of students find the noise, the early closing hours, and the expense frustrating and discouraging. Obviously, there is a need for a studying facility that is cheap, peaceful, and stays open even when coffee shops close at midnight.

How Cebu City Public Library made history

The local government addressed this need. On March 10, 2018, Cebu City made history by making its public library the first one in the Philippines to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Cebu City Public Library (CCPL), also commonly called the Rizal Public Library, underwent this change upon the request of so many students online to then-Mayor Tomas Osmeña. One particular student by the name of Mich Roldan stood out by making an elaborate case on why a need for the CCPL to be open for 24 hours is necessary. In a Facebook post, former Mayor Osmeña responded to his request:

“Mitch Roldan, per your request, the Rizal Public Library is being outfitted for 24 hour use. The air conditioners are being upgraded, additional staff and guards being hired, CCTV installed, and WiFi routers are on their way.

Beginning Friday, the library will be open until Midnight. It is now also open 7 days a week. After all the necessary upgrades are in place, it will be extended to 24 hour operation.

I did not know how important this was to students until you brought it up. You made it happen. Thank you.”

Reasons to go to Cebu City Public Library

  • Open to the public – Students, employees, freelance workers, undergraduates, and even kids get to enjoy a full, quiet day submerged in the presence of the smell of the old paper from the aged books. 
  • Fast internet connection – It is free and relatively fast, just don’t play unnecessary videos or download games.
  • Air-conditioned space that is open 24/7 – You can study here for long hours, and for free. This means saving money from going to coffee shops and buying food and drinks there.
  • 24/7 security – 24/7 active CCTV cameras are fitted all over the structure.
  • The best part: not having to pay for anything – All the services in the public library are free of charge

Other activities are held too on some weekends and occasions. Narrating sessions, workmanship classes, book dispatches, and language classes are hosted in the library. Important thing to remember: since CCPL is a government facility, there is a dress code to adhere to. You will not be allowed entry if you are wearing sleeveless shirts, shorts, jersey, and slippers.

To maximize the library, take advantage of all its perks. You can do our papers here and you can do it together with your members if this is a group activity, just remember to keep your voices down. You can do your readings here whether it’s for school or for leisure: the facility is guaranteed noise-proof. If you’re interested in the wholesome activities held in CCPL, invite yourself and your friends to these events and be a regular patron of the library.

How to get to Cebu City Public Library

The Cebu City Public Library is located at Osmeña Boulevard, Rizal Memorial Library and Museum. The building is beside Red Cross and near Cebu Doctor’s University Hospital. For more information, call them at 253 1526 or visit their Facebook page.

From Robinsons Fuente, you can hike to the library or take 14D, 62B and any jeep that passes by Fuente to Capitol.

History of Cebu City Public Library

Cebu City Public Library and Information center traces its roots from the Cebu Branch Library of the Philippine Library and Museum (PLM), now the National Library of the Philippines (NLP). CCPL first opened to the public in April 13, 1919 as a branch of PLM by Mr. Guillermo Restun, the Chief Librarian from the Ilo-ilo branch.

The initial collection, maintenance and operating expenses were taken care of by the province of Cebu. It has been housed in many different buildings until it was finally inaugurated in 1938 at its current location in Fuente: the Rizal Memorial Library and Museum.

It was closed during the Second World War and reopened in 1953. In 2008, it faced a threat of another shutdown to replace it with satellite libraries. Fortunately, the call to close the CCPL was stopped by a group called Friends of CCPL and the media. They advocated for the library to remain open to serve the public.

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