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11 Tips on how to stay focused while working from home

Working from home is the new normal. For newbies and veterans alike, here are tips on how to stay focused doing WFH.

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It’s easy to get off course when you’re working from home. Months of this makes you look back on the times when your supervisor was right behind you, keeping everyone in check at work. Even if it was unsettling at times, you can’t help but be thankful for their presence because at least, you can stay in the work zone and be productive. Plus, there are lesser distractions and inconveniences in terms of environment and technology.

We get it: it’s a challenge to stay laser-focused in this working arrangement. In case you need reminding or reinforcement on how to combat this, here are tips on how to stay focused while working from  home:

1. Be mindful at the beginning of your day

Rather than checking your email or browsing social media, you can start the day with mindful exercises like yoga, meditation, or breathing exercise to energize your body and clear your head.

2. Know yourself and your work style

Figure out what times of the day you are most productive, and structure your day by scheduling your heavier tasks during this period. This way you can maximize your capacity for productivity and prioritize your tasks accordingly. Also, know which part of the house you’re more focused and comfortable working at.

3. Clean the clutter

Tidy up your immediate surroundings like bed, clothes, dishes, and other ‘home things’ to avoid optical distractions.

4. Create a list

Keep track of what you must get done before the day or week ends by listing them down to remind yourself not to neglect your tasks.

5. Set up a dedicated workspace

It might be a good idea to replicate your physical work setup by setting up a proper home office. If not plausible, dedicate at least a space where you do nothing but work and where there is the least amount of distractions.

6. Keep a base level of pressure

It would help to set a deadline for your tasks so you don’t carry them over for the following weeks. Create realistic time frames and keep a calendar close so you can have a visual on your workload.

7. Limit your media consumption or stay off it

The constant stream of news, notifications, and maybe memes could be detrimental to your flow if you stay on it for too long. Unless you use your socials for work, manage your time for them, or stay off them altogether. Better yet block these time-wasting sites.

8. Dress for success

You can mimic your work attitude and aura by dressing up for work even if you’re home.  It helps establish a professional mindset, and you feel good in a pantsuit.

9. Time your activities and work breaks

Set a time on your phone for your tasks and breaks to keep yourself from burning out. We suggest taking a micro-break every 90 minutes for grabbing coffee, going outside to reset, chow down your sandwich, or whatever you have in mind.  Set a proper lunchtime too to fuel your stomach and brain and feel satisfied and willing to go through the last half of your workday.

10. Stay physically active

Lack of movement is bad for your blood circulation. It will make you sluggish at work, so schedule a gym break accordingly and exercise to release endorphins (brain-boosting hormones) naturally and keep yourself in shape.

11. Remember to clock out

It is easy to go beyond our usual working hours when we work from home. To set a boundary between your professional life and personal one, finish all that you can before your shift ends and know when to clock out.

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