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Cebu Bulletin Top Picks: Top 4 Indian Restaurants in Cebu City

In Cebu, there is a steady and growing appreciation for Indian food as evidenced by the numerous Indian restaurants in the island.

Indian food

Indian food is a healthy hodgepodge of spices, aromas, and culinary influences and traditions form all over Asia. Its basic standard ingredients of spices like chilli peppers, ginger, allspice, garlic, turmeric, and other ingredients like herbs, vegetables, fruits, and root crops never shy away from giving us a plethora of gastronomic sensations.

This is why it is sought globally. The uniqueness and explosiveness of Indian cuisine not only satiates the extremities of our palates; its colourful and wide diversity also benefits vegetarians and health-conscious individuals since there are meat-free options and ingredients like turmeric is good for our memory and mood, as per the latest research of the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry.

Indian cuisine in Cebu

Cebu, like India, also prides itself on its sumptuous dishes and diverse culinary. This is why there is a steady and growing appreciation for Indian food as evidenced by the numerous Indian restaurants in the island.

Top picks

There are several Indian restaurants in Cebu that claims to offer authentic Indian cuisine. While some of those claims remain to be seen, we shall explore the ones that truthfully represents or at the very least approximates the richness of Indian food.

We have selected the best four among the tens of Indian restaurants within the metropolis:

1. Hyderabad

Source: Facebook page

Hyderabad Dine-in is the top pick for this compilation simply because they offer the best Indian food for less than what you get from other restaurants. Their food is reasonably priced, and they have a full fridge of Aice ice cream selections to wash down the strong spices. And here’s the real, unparalleled banger: their most extreme spice level will surely turn on the waterworks. Prepare loads of tissue paper for your eyes and nose.

  • Delivery options: FoodPanda, Leb , Grab Food, Lalamove, Maxim, Servidor, Tara Local Food Delivery Service, or their in-house delivery staff
  • Branches: Banilad (near UV Gullas Hospital), 9AM-9PM | Banawa (near Dona Rita Village), 10AM-9PM
  • Contact: Facebook, 09152649200 (Banilad), 09955111603 (Banawa), Email, Website

2. Cherry’s The Spice

Cherry’s the Spice has the trappings of a native Indian restaurant: relaxing  background music and beautiful Hindi interiors. With their most flavourful selections and chic decorations, each visit at Cherry’s is truly a epicurean trip to Nirvana.

  • Delivery options: FoodPanda
  • Branches:Banilad (near Fooda), 11AM to 10PM | Lapu-lapu (Cebu Yacht Club), 11AM to 10PM
  • Contact: 032-3492166 or +63 9616213526 (Banilad), +639616213524 (Lapu-lapu), Facebook

3. The Famous Indian Curry House

The Famous Indian Curry House is renowned for, obviously, their curry. They offer a variety of North Indian and South Indian curries along with delectable Indian snacks. The interior is laid-back which is perfect when you plan to binge on their wide array of value home-cooked meals. They also offer bulk orders for curries and snacks. Must-try: Pani puri

  • Delivery options: In-house delivery
  • Branches: North Reclamation Area (APM Mall),  10AM to 9:30PM
  • Contact: 032-5122740, 032-2689145, 09163708598, Facebook

4. Bharat Spice

Being situated in IT Park, Bharat Spice is one of the more known Indian restaurants within the city. It is usually crowded by corporate people looking to have an intensely satisfying eat-out with friends. It is considerably pricier than the other restaurants in this list, but it is logistically convenient since it is close to malls, convenience stores, and other establishments.

  • Delivery options: GrabFood, In-house delivery (via their website)
  • Branches: Lahug (IT Park), 11AM to 7:30PM
  • Contact: Website, Facebook, 09433223880

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