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Cebu-based Business Startup Dominates the Forex Market Through A Long-term EA Robot

Forex Trading is a never-ending challenge. If you’re one of those seeking guidance to extend your profit through the Forex Market, signup with FX BEAST INFINITI.

fx beast long term

Find out your pathway to financial freedom, with FX Beast Infiniti – an innovative platform found by Joms Dosdos. 

If you’re intrigued, or still confused on how FOREX TRADING works, or what differs FX BEAST INFINITI among others, let’s ask the man behind  FX BEAST INFINITI himself and one top trader in Cebu – Joms Dosdos. Here’s an interview we had with him:

What’s the difference between FX Beast and other Forex robots?

We guarantee the return of investment. No client of ours has experienced a flop. We aim for passive income and long term profit-making, so our goal is to let them have returns – in long term”.

“It’s proven to be the safest robot out there, plus it’s acknowledged to be the best tool to journey yourself into financial freedom”.

Why release the FX Beast to the public, if you could have the tower of profit earning yourself? 

“I actually had two goals in mind when I started to go transparent with our Forex Algorithm, first, is to aid those who are curious on how to invest and have them grow their money in “long-term basis.”

“Another reason I’ve got, and one essential, is to help, and spread what I’ve learned not only in municipalities or barangays, but also those communities in remote areas. With forex robot subscription, our team is able to grow funds for our weekly and monthly activities called “i-trade i-care  i-share” program.” 

What assurance can we get if we invest in FX Beast Infiniti? 

“What you invest in our forex robots run long-term, and within a month, you’ll be able to gain or mark 10% – 20% holistic returns, no matter how much your capital is”.

Will this kind of investment be for everybody?

“Forex / Forex Trading is definitely for everyone, especially if you’re a “Manual Trader. But, if you are too occupied to monitor your trade, and want to skip the fences, our team of experts are there to help you. With an initial investment of $1,000 or Php50,000 to FBS platform, and a monthly subscription to our FX Beast Infiniti forex robots, you’re guaranteed to acquire exponential returns and profits in surety.” 

By far, how many subscriptions are on the list now? 

“Last time I checked, we have 150+ traders on board  using our Forex robots. Not to brag, but a lot of huge personalities and public officials joined FX Beast. One client even reviewed us saying we’re the only forex trading pro that was able to give him a huge blow of payouts/withdraws.”

Can you share a margin of what you’ve gained, for us to have an idea on its growth?

“I’m getting around $500 – $600 per day. I’ve ventured into different businesses again after my “proben” business was put to halt. The profit depends on how much you’ve shelled out to FBS. It will rank up every day, week, month, since it’s exponential. So imagine if your assigned forex robot will gain 12-20% profit – that’s quite high already”. 

Say we are interested, how should we start? 

“If you really are deciding to start your investing pathway through forex trading, dive into our forex robots. Register to FOREX/FBS website then message us at FX BEAST INFINITI Facebook page or My personal Facebook for us to guide you the next steps”.

More About Joms Dos Dos

Joms Dosdos, a local of Cebu, is a huge fan of business ventures. His mind-set of “high risk, high return” drove him to invest in several businesses, including the famous “proben” (occasionally referred as proventriculus) – a satisfying Filipino snack, and one of the most popular street food items in the country.

Dosdos owned over 90% of all “proben” carts in Cebu, and he surely made it big  when proben food items started to serve several kiosks, and restaurants not only in Cebu but the rest of the Visayas. Its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, with the growth number of partners, plus venture groups. Everything was just finely operating, until COVID-19 Pandemic came. 

No one was unbattered by the recession brought by the Pandemic, including all the physical businesses Joms owned. Operations were put to halt and left him with Php100, 000 on his bank, having no idea how to get up and start again. Luckily, his passion for learning and eagerness to come back in a huge blow brought him to expend money on Forex Trading – his guiding light to achieve his dreamt FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

About Forex Trading

Getting involved in the Foreign Exchange, or Forex, can seem like a very intimidating thing, especially for someone with no experience in finance. Luckily, with educational resources and references both offline and online, Joms started to turn his money into something more than “just enough to live on” with forex. Not only that, he also discovered a “wealth loophole” that’s proven effective, and created  FXBEAST INFINITI, a platform that opens a stream of profit for individuals who’d be willing to forgo high returns in their financial journey through FOREX.

What is FX BEAST INFINITI exactly and what do they DO?

With FX BEAST INFINITI Forex Trading Software Algorithm, a “Forex Robot” will do the waiting game and put off your investment to high earning exponents, without the manual hassle. Joms’ FX BEAST INFINITI provides online traders (existing traders & aspirants) all essentials they need to achieve maximum profit without compromising their trading accounts. Not only that, their monitoring team will also keep the traders and investors posted to assure their profit margin. 

What are FX BEAST robots Settings?

For starters, there are two types of forex robot settings you’ll need to be familiar with, one is aggressive, another one is conservative.”

“Conservative means non -aggressive approach to forex robot algorithms. It gives you a margin of 8% to 15% returns – depends on forex market’s volatility and major events”. 

“Aggressive forex settings, on the other hand, will assure you high profits in surety, however, you might be put at risk if you’re not monitoring it properly. Good thing we’ve got our robots that have their own risk management/manager, so you need not to worry about who’s to monitor.”

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