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La Vie Parisienne: Little Paris In Cebu

La Vie Parisienne is a French restaurant and boulangerie located along the right side of Gorordo Avenue going towards JY Square.

When passing by Gorordo Avenue, one can not help but notice the lights of purple hues studded in faux trees, especially during evenings, at La Vie Parisienne. Photos of this restaurant have been trending on Instagram and Facebook since 2013 for their interior design which is made up of expensive and creative ideas.

La Vie Parisienne Cebu

La Vie Parisienne is a French restaurant and boulangerie located along the right side of Gorordo Avenue going towards JY Square. Translating to ‘the Parisian life’, La Vie Parisienne is a fancy name for a cafe, and indeed it is: the cafe was designed to make you enjoy a dining experience that is truly representative of the beautiful Parisienne culture.

Inside the café are pretty lights and a dome-shaped pavilion with homey sofas. In their al fresco area, you can sit on their rattan furniture with canopies that are totally picture-worthy, especially under the light of the faux cherry blossoms.

indoor dining area (via TripAdvisor)

Since it opened, La Vie Parisienne has been making the rounds on the market not only because of their homey and picturesque aesthetics, but also because of what their world-class service and mouth-watering items on the menu.

wine cellar (via Pinterest)

La Vie Parisienne and La Vie in the Sky

La Vie Parisienne is managed by the same company behind La Vie in the Sky. La Vie Cebu is devoted to giving their guests unique dining experience by serving only the finest selection of food and beverages, with breath-taking views to boot. Both La Vie branches are self-service and inspired by French bistros which provide guests the freedom to take their time and browse through the products with ease. It is because of this that diners not only get to have a gastronomically satisfying experience, but a unique and personalized one as well.

La Vie Parisienne menu and rates

Entrance fee is Php100 per head, all consumable for food & drinks. La Vie Parisienne offers some of the best French pastry, wines and deli products in the entire country. They also invite guests to try the exquisite menu of the Pink House, Shanpelino Wine and french bread.

For Valentines, La Vie Parisienne has a special package (as seen on their website). Called Candle Light Romantic Valentine Dinner, it comes with two sets:

SET A is worth Php980 per person. Its inclusions are

  • ENTRÉE: Romantic escapade in the french countryside; assorted terrine with basket of bread
  • MAIN COURSE: Minced mustard chicken with saffron rice
  • DESSERT: Assorted mini cones of artisan gelato
  • BEVERAGE: Cocktail | Spices of love and 1 glass of still or sparkling wine

SET B  is worth Php1600 per person. Its inclusions are:

  • ENTRÉE: Foie gras with jam on homemade brioche
  • MAIN COURSE: Lobster ravioli or mushroom truffle ravioli and cheese platter
  • DESSERT: waffle and vanilla gelato
  • BEVERAGE: COCKTAILS fountain of youth or eternal beauty
  • BOTTOMLESS DRINKS: (chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, merlot, cabernet sauvignon, syrah, prosecco)

La Vie Parisienne contact

Their operating hours are from 7AM to 2AM daily, Mondays to Sundays. For reservations, call them at (032) 260-4388 or (032) 505-0274. The reservation fee is Php500/head for Garden/Rooftop, Php1000/head for Wine Cellar, and Php750/head for La Maison/Rose/VIP Room. All these are non-refundable. They are fully consumable inside the restaurant or for takeaways. 50% of the total reservation fee is required to guarantee the reservation. Advanced orders are encouraged especially for big groups.

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