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LANY Concert in Cebu 2020

LANY will be headlining this year’s Plus63 Music & Arts Festival at the SM Seaside Complex Cebu Concert Grounds on February 2. They will perform with home-grown bands Three Legged Men, Mandaue Nights, and Sepia Times.

LANY concert in Cebu 2020
Source: Plus63 Festival

LANY love their Filipino fans so bad. After their successful three-day show in Manila last year, and their performance for Wanderland and in Araneta Coliseum in 2017, American indie pop band LANY is now going to Cebu to headline the 5th instalment of Plus63 Music & Arts Festival. 

This announcement was made by local concert promoter Insignia Presents. 

LANY concert Cebu: Venue and Tickets

The three-piece band of Paul Jason Klein, Charles Leslie “Les” Priest, and Jake Clifford Goss is performing on February 2 at 6PM. The LANY concert Cebu venue is going to be in SM Seaside Complex Cebu Concert Grounds.

The LANY concert in Cebu will be fronted by artists from Cebu like the six-piece groovy band Three Legged Men, ’80s synth-pop duo Mandaue Nights, and Sepia Times. 

Tickets are now on sale on the Plus63 Festival’s website. VIP tickets are priced at P3,000  and General Admission tickets are priced at P1,800.

LANY: music and fans

If there is one thing you need to know about LANY, it is that they have a recurring theme in their music: sunsets and love. Their synths came straight from ’80s power ballads, the 808 drums from modern rap and swagger lyrics prevalent in contemporary music.

LANY is best known for their morning-after slow jams of “Taking Me Back,” “Thru These Tears” and “I Don’t Wanna Love You Anymore.” Their fans find their way to them in search for music that is more subtle and mature. LANY has enough style and charm to create an absorbing story for fans, an ear for the production that alludes and honours pop without being too devoted to it as to not incorporate elements from other genres,  and a speed in producing fresh material that keeps them at the same pace with hip-hop artists who are currently dominating the streaming services.

The group is built around the charisma of singer Paul Klein and powered by multi-instrumentalist Les Priest and drummer Jake Goss. Music may be everything for most musicians, but here is where LANY begs to differ. For the California-based pop group, their art is about an experience, which includes both music and visuals. The combination of their strong aesthetic and their synth-heavy brand of pop has captivated audiences throughout their young career. This is what gained LANY their dedicated fan base in the five years of performing together. 

Paul Klein was once singled out from his bandmates when he and U.K. pop star Dua Lipa dated and broke up. It was rumoured that several recent songs from each are about each other. But beyond all the stan-stirring gossip, LANY holds promise and certainly sets a template on what a modern band looks like, and what makes them able to cater to the taste of the modern generation.

About Plus63 Music and Arts Festival

PLUS63 is a two-day international music and arts festival within Sinulog Festival.  It is a one-of-kind festival that brings together the very best music, art, and food.

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