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Macao Imperial Tea: An Empress’ Drink

Drink milk tea like the empress and the emperor that you are! Head over to a Macao Imperial Tea branch near you.

There are probably more milk tea stations than we can buy from in a year. Or ever. Since the early 2010s milk teas has always been in fashion and over time evolved to being most people’s comfort drink.

There are so many places to get our fix of this sweet and creamy beverage, and the tyranny of choice is real when it comes to milk tea. Thankfully, shops like Macao Imperial Tea exist to help narrow down our pickswith their regal, elegantly-prepared milk tea selections.

Macao Imperial Tea

One of the biggest names in the milk tea industry right now is Macao Imperial Tea. Setting up shop in the country only in 2017, it has steadily and quickly grown its brand with over 500 branches all around the world including the United States, Canada, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, and Malaysia.

Macao Imperial Tea was established in Macau in 2012 by Fredley Group of Companies. All of their tea leaves are sourced only in Macau to ensure the quality control of their drinks. This is how they make certain each of the items in their menu tastes the same, wherever the branch is.


Macao Imperial Tea has an ongoing Buy One Get One promo that advocates for vaccination against the Covid-19 virus. All you have to do is present your vaccination card and you can then avail of two of their Black Pearl Milk Tea drink for the price of one.

Here are the mechanics taken from their Facebook page:

1. Customer must present their vaccination card to avail the Buy One Get One Promo (Alto-sized Black Pearl Milk Tea)

2. Promo cannot be used in conjunction with other promos and discounts.

3. The use of Fredley Elite Card and points is allowed.

4. The use of gift certificates is allowed for this promo.

5. Not VALID in third-party delivery.

6. Available at all Macao Imperial Tea branches nationwide from June 1, 2021 until December 31, 2021.



Macao Imperial Tea is part of Fredley Group of Companies which was founded by Arvin Ong, one of Philippines’ most successful young and self-made entrepreneurs.

photo from The Manila Times

The 29-year-old CEO of the said enterprise owns over a thousand branches of Macao and his other brands. He is celebrated here and abroad because of his humble beginnings as a scholar since his preschool years. He graduated in De La Salle University in 2010 with a degree in mathematics specializing in business applications.

After joining Deutsche Bank Philippines as an analyst and leaving the company after several promotions and leadership trainings, he founded his own company which he named after his parents in 2014. You might recognize some of his famous brands like Maison Kitsune, Mitasu Yakiniku, Liang Crispy Roll, 107 Co-working, New York Fries and Dips, Hokasu International Buffet, and of course, Macao Imperial Tea that was chosen recently as a Trusted Brands Philippines Golden Awardee for Milk Tea Shop.

Ong himself won the Injap Sia Outstanding Young Entrepreneur award in 2019 and the Regus Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 of the Asia CEO awards. His company has an employee rewards program which subsidizes tuition expenses for the children of his workers.


Macao Imperial Milk tea has an array of beverages including milk tea, fruit tea, coffee, soda, and more. Check out the photos for their full menu.

They also have a Partea Gallon for party-sized milk tea needs.

You may order here.

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