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Minute Burger: Premium, affordable burgers 24/7

Minute Burger is dominating the affordable burger scene in Cebu. You can have their delectable burgers on a buy 1, take 1 basis 24/7.

Ever had that spontaneous burger craving at untimely hours? Whether you want one as a midnight snack or an alternative for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Minute Burger’s got your back 24/7. You get buy 1, take 1 premium, quality burgers that are affordable and certified bang for your buck.  

Minute Burger offerings

Minute Burger has an extensive menu full of tasty selections at very low prices. Their main items include Minute Burger, Chicken burgers and sandwiches, Cheese Dog and Burger, nachos, and drinks. They also have bundles perfect for barkada nights, family gatherings, and parties.

Minute Burger takes pride with their brioche buns that complement their meaty and juicy patties and flavorful sauces. All of their burgers are available on a buy 1 take 1 basis, and you can get a pair for as low as Php33.

They have a series of burgers called “Taste of the World” where your palates will be taken to USA (Bacon Cheeseburger), Spain (Baconaisse Chicken Burger), India (Black Pepper Burger), and Italy (Beef Pizza Burger)starting at Php65.

There are so many Minute Burger outlets scattered throughout Cebu that it is quite a feat if you haven’t tried their burger, let alone see one of their famous yellow stalls. On the off chance that you haven’t graced your taste buds with their delectable food items, you can start with their Taste of the World series so you’ll know what you missed out on.

For the health-conscious folks, Minute Burger offers their vegetable-packed Veggie Premium Chicken Burger. You get two lightweight premium chicken patties topped with fresh veggies for only Php63.

About Minute Burger

Minute Burger is one of the oldest burger chains in the country, with its first branch opening in 1982. Its franchising arm only began in 2003, and since then they have opened many outlets throughout the country.

Currently, they have more than 600 branches across the country and are affiliated with Association of Filipino Franchisers Inc. (AFFI), Philippine Franchise Association (PFA), National Restaurant Association (NRA), Food and Drug Authority (FDA) and the National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS).

Become a Minute Burger Franchisee

Minute Burger has been in the business for 30 years, and a huge part of that success is the round-the-clock support system they provide their franchisees with. They take pride in their brand strength that is hinged on their world-class burgers that are value for money especially for Pinoys on the run.

They have recently rolled out their rebrand which received a positive response online and from their patrons. Their sign-ups also got a 20% increase from interested franchisees.

You may send your inquiries if you are interested in becoming a franchisee by filling up this form.

Franchise Promotion

Minute Burger is offering their economized franchise packages in light of the COVID-19 crisis. This promo runs from June 1 to December 32, 2020, so hurry up and don’t let this opportunity for diversifying your income and business go.

Franchising details

The Minute Burger Franchise Package costs P500,000 plus P30,000 for working capital per store.

The Minute Burger Franchise Package includes the following:

  • business operations support
  • management training services
  • marketing and promotional support
  • franchise fee
  • site processing
  • store construction
  • store equipment and selling paraphernalia
  • permits (to be secured by the franchisee)
  • initial marketing collaterals
  • rental deposit (not included)
  • use of goodwill marks (trade name and logo) and business system
  • basic personnel training
  • initial stocks (credit line worth P48,000)
  • P50,000 security deposit

To apply for a franchise, you must submit the following requirements:

  1. Attend the Franchise Presentation
  2. Submit Letter of Intent
  3. Submit Accomplished Application Form
  4. Submit Proposed Sites (at least 3 locations)
  5. Execute Reservation Agreement
  6. Submit last two (2) months Bank Statement
  7. Submit Income Tax Return for the preceding year

Contact Minute Burger

You may contact them through their:

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