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Cebu Bulletin Top Picks: Top 5 Passive Income Business

If you’re a Cebuano looking for ways to expand your income, here are five ways you can earn passive income in Cebu.

Are you seeking out ways to expand your cash flow? Is your income from your day-time job barely enough for your mounting bills and even the occasional luxuries?

A passive income stream may just be the perfect side hustle for you, especially if you don’t have that much time to spare for a part-time job. Passive income means the gains you earn from investing in something that don’t require much of your effort and time.

Top 5 Passive Income Vehicles for Cebuanos

Cebu is a busy place with opportunities to be found just about everywhere. For the resourceful and with extra time to spare, here are the top passive income streams you can invest in.

Forex Robot

For the unfamiliar, forex market or foreign exchange market is an international marketplace for trading national currencies. This kind of trading takes an enormous amount of time, with many variables to account for. That is why some traders invest in a forex trading robot, a computer program created to help decide on buying or selling a currency pair at a certain time. It is based on a set of forex trading signals and is built around the MetaTrader platform. A forex robot can automatically manage the trade for you.

  • Initial Investment: Php50k(FBS deposit)
  • ROI: Incremental
  • Profit: 10-20% /month

Peer-to-Peer Lending

Peer-to-peer lending or simply “pautang” is the process of lending a borrower a certain amount and earning from the interest you charge them. It can be done directly or through platforms like MoneyMatch, UpLoan, and others which charge maintenance fees.

  • Initial Investment: Ex. Php5000
  • ROI: Php5250 to Php5500
  • Profit: 5% to 10% interest

Affiliate Marketing

If you’re a blogger with a decent following, you can earn through affiliate marketing by advertising a company’s product or services on your website or socials. You make money when a visitor clicks on your link and buys from the third-party affiliate, or simply when you feature a company in your blogs or videos. Some methods you can use are banner ads, Google AdSense, and sponsored posts.

  • Initial Investment: Php3000-10000 for a small website
  • ROI: Incremental
  • Profit: 6% to 10% commission, depending on agreed rates

Producing Royalty-Based Content

If you have the talent and passion for digital design, photography, audio mixing, and videography, you can upload your content to websites like Shutterstock, Spotify, Patreon, and Adobe Stock and earn passive income from commissions and royalties.

  • Initial Investment: Capital for equipment like mixer, DSLR camera, PC, etc
  • ROI: Incremental
  • Profit: 20% to 60% per download of your content

Silent Business Partnership

Being a silent business partner means investing money into a business venture without having to participate in its daily operations. This is passive income in the truest sense of the word.

  • Initial Investment: 10% investment on capital
  • ROI: Incremental, as long as business is operational
  • Profit: 10% of the business profits

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