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Best SaaS Companies in Cebu 2021

saas companies cebu

Cebu is a striving city in the Philippines. Aside from the magnificent view and escapade, the province provides leading SaaS companies. 

SaaS stands for Software as Service. It is a software delivery that permits data to be more accessible. Regardless of the device, a strong internet connection and web browser make it work. 

These companies cater to every individual and business needs. Find out which among the numerous information technology facilities is suitable for you. 

We listed the seven best SaaS companies in Cebu for your convenience. 


Payruler is another SaaS company in Cebu. It offers a more comprehensive yet customizable Human Resource Management System. 

The process can handle all sorts of HR concerns. Here are the included business issues. 

  • Organizing application of aspiring employee
  • Tracking employees time for the project
  • Computing and generating each employee’s BIR 2316
  • An accurate payroll system 

These are just some of the assistance Payruler provides. It caters to the complete Employee Life Cycle. It is a great advantage for businesses present in the province and other parts of the country. 

Payruler is one of the prominent SaaS companies in Cebu City, Cebu. It started in 2015 and continues to grow until today. 


TextDash in Cebu City started in 2006. The company is a cloud-based SMS marketing solution. It is famous for these critical features. 

  • Two way SMS 
  • API integration
  • Reports the communication of every customer
  • Keyword-based response tracking

Typically, the cost for the solution begins at Php 1,999 per month. Gradually, it increases together with the increase in SMS credits. 

TextDash is one of the relevant SaaS companies in Cebu. It makes life more effortless and secure for each individual. offers a marketing system effective for industries employed with sales staff. It focuses on customer inquiries that are sales-driven in the Philippine companies. Also, it provides beneficial businesses sales tools and training. 

The SaaS company is efficient in the following field. Here is a list of the current affiliation of 

  • Real estate – AboitizLand
  • B2B – Palmer-Asia
  • Medical services – American Eye Center

There are more offered aside from the customers and services listed above. It also involves financial services and education. is a SaaS company in Cebu City. It began helping businesses in 2011 by exceeding its quota. Thus, increasing revenues faster. 


Zirpos began in 2019 in Cebu City, Philippines. It provides systematized accounting and bookkeeping services. With the sole focus on accountancy, the feature services are as follows. 

  • Bookkeeping
  • Auditing
  • Financial reporting
  • Data analytics
  • Bill management
  • Invoice management
  • Payroll management
  • Document management

Although the SaaS company is new, it has established a good reputation already. Also, the subscription is available every month. 

Cognity Device Manager

Cognity Device Manager is different from other SaaS companies in Cebu. It is a type of platform that gives management solutions for IoT devices. 

As a cloud-based platform, it is accessible through API and Android-compatible apps. Dash is a famous mobile app that helps in managing solutions. The service provides convenience to its users by: 

  • Create dashboards and components
  • Connect and manage devices securely
  • Develop integrations
  • Gather data
  • Run sophisticated analytics
  • Take necessary actions in real-time on a diverse fleet.

Cognity Device Manager bridges the IoT devices from the edge to the cloud. It is like everything you need is present in one service. It started in 2018 in the city of Cebu. 


Arcanys is a Swiss software outsourcing firm based in Central Visayas, Cebu. It began in the year 2010 and consistently functioned up to date. 

The SaaS company specializes in building highly skilled developers dedicated to tech-enabled businesses. To be more specific, it is suitable for those in need of robust software solutions.

Arcanys entertains startups and established ventures. They assist in finding their way faster to their market. Its expertise focuses on creating software development. Nevertheless, its services don’t stop there. It includes: 

  • Developing and testing web and mobile apps
  • 24/7 AWS and customer support
  • Business analysis, plus UI / UX design
  • AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science

Arcanys works in full compliance. Ensuring they guarantee the needs and objectives of its customers. 

NTT DATA: SaaS Company in Cebu

NTT DATA is a global IT services provider. The company encompasses technological innovation. However, it focuses more on connecting people. That’s why it creates better resolve for people’s daily life.

NTT DATA is a Cebu-based SaaS company. It provides world-class solutions such as the Microsoft Philippines and Oracle platforms. In addition, it makes sure to prioritize achieving every customer’s business objectives. Therefore, it delivers overall solutions for business, learning, and outsourcing. 

With this, it directly engages in the business of importation and marketing. Also, it has a scope with the distribution of general merchandise both in wholesale and in retail. 

The Philippines receive maximum benefit from the outsourcing service. The company ensures that all products reach its customers in the best condition. It never neglects its values for Clients First, Foresight, and Teamwork. 

Clients First

With this, NTT DATA places the client’s needs as their topmost priority. The company understands that every business concern is unique. Therefore, they must resolve every customer’s concern to satisfaction. 


NTT DATA is not about the status quo. Instead, it gives foresight to the possible challenges ahead. Information technology offers more in the future. It includes a picturesque view of business, work, and the ecosystem. 

Also, it helps every venture to adapt to the continuously changing business environment. Therefore, helping to meet goals for a brighter future. 


Everything is possible with a great team effort. Formulating solutions with the client and setting expectations is nothing without teamwork. 

NTT DATA enables employees to achieve the best work. Thus, bringing unique worldviews to extraordinary outcomes. 

With this, NTT DATA lands to one of the prominent SaaS Companies in Cebu. The partnership emphasized a long-term commitment. They do this by providing cloud, digital, and business process automation. 

The following are the company’s specialties. 

  • Information Technology services
  • System Integration
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Cloud 
  • HRIS
  • Digital Transformation
  • IT infrastructure
  • System Development
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Application Modernization and Innovation

NTT DATA in Cebu has a cutting edge for research. So, it’s no surprise that it leads to delivering the expertise and innovation needed for today and the future. 

Businesses won’t stand long without solid support. But with the SaaS companies in the country, success is inevitable. 

So, find out what your office needs. Then, research among these facilities which can help you. Afterward, discuss your concerns to bring the best for you and your firm.