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Shopee 9.9 Sale: What to buy?

It’s the Shopee 9.9 sale! Take a look at the many promos for various items and price range available only for today, September 9.

Shopee 9.9 Sale

The date today is September 9. For some, this may be just your typical, run-of-the-mill day. But for shopaholics on a budget and discount voucher vultures alike, this is a day we have been waiting since a month and a day ago: it’s the Shopee 9.9 Sale!

Shopee 9.9 Sale perks

Oh boy, where do we start?

There is a reason why sales like today (Shopee 8.8, Shopee 7.7, Shopee 6.6, and so on) are always being looked forward to by online shoppers. It’s raining with vouchers for 10 percent – 20 percent discounts, rush hour sales, free shipping with minimum purchase and caps, games and raffle promos, hot products at insane prices, cashbacks, featured collections and brands, seller specials, and deals from top brands.

Take a look at their hot deals:

Rush hour sales:

Free shipping:



TV Show promos:

Shopee Live:

What to buy?

We buy different items online for many reasons. Whichever the case is, just make it a point to purchase things from verified and legitimate shops that are heavily discounted because opportunities like this don’t come often.

These are the items that will enjoy huge markdowns today:

Featured brands

Featured collections

Featured shops

Featured partners:

1. Electronics

Buying electronics and gadgets can be a tricky process when you do it online. It is less than ideal to buy, knowingly or not, counterfeit products, so it would be best to buy at Shopee Mall or from high-rating stores.

When buying, consider the specs, warranty, return policy, customer reviews, and price.  You can also buy refurbished electronics.

Some of the tech gadgets up for markdown sales are:

  • laptops
  • TVs 
  • phones
  • speakers
  • small accessories like cables, cases, chargers, earphones, headphones

2. Baby supplies

Today would be a good day to thrift out on baby supplies – we all know how expensive they can be when bought from department and grocery stores. You can buy diapers, onesies, sleepwear, feeding bottles, clothes, dresses, shoes, milk, etc.

3. Pet supplies

There are tons of pet supplies you can buy at insane discounts. Things like feeding bowls, collars, leashes, harnesses, combs, toothbrushes, pet food, litter boxes, and other essential pet stuff can be bought in many shops.

4. Exercise Gear

Reasonable deals on all types of sporting goods and exercise equipment can be found on Shopee 9.9 like dumbbells, kettlebells, yoga mats, sports bras, running gear, bike and motorcycle accessories, and other gym equipment.

5. Clothing

Because of the quarantine, we have a reduced need for outdoor and office wear. You can still purchase them to stock up for when the pandemic is over.  In the meantime, the app is full of sellers offering huge discounts for everyday clothing garments like house shorts, shirts, sandos, underwear, footwear, and casual pants. You can buy them in bulk or wholesale too for reselling.  

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