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Top 10 Shoppee Most Purchased Items

Shoppee Online Philippines

Southeast Asia’s leading eCommerce platform, Shoppee, wrapped up the year-end shopping season on a record-breaking note when 12 million items were sold in the Philippines in the first 24 minutes during its “12.12” 2020 Christmas sale. With over billions of vast array products and  massive purchase volume on board, Shoppee Marketplace has indeed attracted more brick-and-mortar sellers to invest hustle in the online mercantile. 

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If you’re one of the sellers whose looking to gain a foothold in Shoppee Online Philippines market, start with the most popular products that’ll surely rake you more sales than expected. We’ve looked into Shoppee’s best-selling categories across the region, and here’s the top 10 Most Purchased Items you can sell:

Shopee’s Best selling categories/products purchased most of Cebu consumers

Beauty and Personal Care

Acne is a common problem that most people have to deal with. A lot of people want a solution that actually works and by offering products that address to acne solution or skin care needs, you should be able to make a good profit.

Buyers love products with deep cleansing, detoxifying, and promotes brighter tone natural ingredients (moisturizers, cleansers, toners etc.) Products that also help shield against environmental trigger factors (like sun protector) while correcting both in-depth marks and imperfections, is appealing to customers. If you market to the right people and also price the product correctly, finding willing buyers should be easy. Different people may prefer different variations. 

Toys, Kids

Hygiene is always necessary for kids and every parent is willing to purchase the best wet-wipes for his or her baby. Most buyers consider wet wipes that are economical (thicker, more hydrated) and they also compare baby essential products that have better rating quality, from diapers, learning toys, to wet bags, you’ll surely have your sell with all baby needs.

Women’s Fashion 

From women’s apparel, birthstone accessories to casual or sneakers on trend, you’ll definitely won’t go wrong with women’s style and choices! Nowadays, more women prefer to purchase clothes that they can wear to almost every location or occasion. Culottes, sneakers or strappy heels with a tank top in prints (even plain) give women an attire that’s comfortable, looks cool, and gives women their freedom. 

Men’s Fashion

Aside from men selecting shoe trends online, they’re also purchasing items that keep their sneakers or casual shoes, fresh and clean all day. No one wants to feel embarrassed whenever they have to remove the sneakers in a public place, probably the main reason why sneaker freshener pills and midsole pen boosts sold more units every single day. Both products have some nice qualities which could make it more appealing to all men, especially freshener pill, it’s not just ideal for sneakers, it also does a good job of removing odor-causing bacteria from luggage, cupboard, gym bags, etc. 

Computer Accessories 

Keyboard offers a real solution to a real problem, which means more people will be willing to purchase it. Shoppee’s best-selling items covers keyboard that guaranteed its users over 50 million reliable keystrokes. You can also opt to sell accessories like USB Wired Gaming Mouse, Foldable Computer Side Table, silicon cables and more!

Mobile Accessories and Gadgets

With the surging number of mobile accessories in style and timely gadgets that surely buys the market audience, items like phone cases, earphones, fast mobile chargers, power banks, etc. will skyrocket your sales in no time – of course with the right marketing and engagements. The market for smartwatches is expanding also, high-quality smartwatch should also be added to your list. 

New Normal Essentials 

Living in today’s Pandemic, some sellers turned this uncertainty into opportunity by driving sales in the way of selling face masks, face shields, foot bath/mat, thermal scanner, and other disinfecting necessaries. You can sell these items as its needs continue to rise due to COVID-19.  

Home and Living 

People always look forward to relieve stress after spending a whole day at work, and humidifier is a perfect escape. Considering that humidifiers have the ability to promote better sleep and also improve the mood, numerous people will be willing to purchase this product and set it in a suitable place at home. 

This product has a huge market for a lot of people own pets, and keeping furbabies safe and secure is a pet owner’s responsibility. Products like pee pad, feeding mat (since Pet owners don’t like the idea of finding pet food everywhere in their home), bio-spray gets more purchase in Shoppee. Odor control is necessary by investing in a product that has the ability to eliminate the pests and solve the dirt dilemma (while not having any negative effects on anyone),  you’ll absolutely make your sale. 


Now here’s for those who love to do their craft in their own kitchen space, items like silicone spatula, knife sets, disposable plastic gloves, baking essentials, juicers and more can get you stream of sales. 


  • How to order in Shoppee? – Before you can start shopping, register an account on Shoppee, browse through its categories/sub-categories or use the search bar to find your favorite products. On the product details page, you can either tap “chat now” to discuss or make an offer with the seller or “Add to Cart” to place the selected item on your shopping cart or directly place an order and click “Buy Now”
  • How to use shoppee coins?
    • Use Shoppee coins as a discount to any order at Shoppee (1 Shoppee Coin is equivalent to ₱1 discount off your purchase), redeem vouchers or in-app activities within the coin’s reward page, or give it as a gift Shoppee Coins to your friends via Chat.
      • Earn 1 Shoppee Coin for every ₱100 worth of any single item. Maximum of 100 Shoppee Coins can be earned every 24 hours and up to 300 Shoppee Coins weekly. 
      • Spending Shoppee Coins on offsetting purchases
        • daily limit is 200 coins, with the limit refreshing 24 hours from the buyer’s last purchase.
        • 7-day limit is 600 coins, with the count starting from the first day the buyer used coins to offset a purchase.
  • How to sell in Shoppee? – Make sure that your mobile number is verified, and the product you intend to sell is not under our Prohibited Items List
    • Indicate your pickup address, click here to add. Shoppee will assign and the Shoppee Supported Logistics Provider on the indicated pick up address.
    • Tap “My Shop” under Me tab, then tap “Add New Product” in My Shop
    • Upload quality photos of the item that you want to sell. Tap “Camera” to take a picture of the item, tap “Photos” to choose an existing photo of an item from the gallery, or tap “Instagram” to take a photo from your Instagram account.
    • Fill in the product details such as Product name, Product description, Category, Price, Stock, Variation, Weight, Condition, Wholesale (optional), and Shipping Fee.
    • Tap “Submit” and your product is now listed on Shoppee.

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