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Sirao Flower Garden and Pictorial Garden and Camping Site (PGCS)

Sirao Flower Garden
Source: Overseas Attractions

A lot of Filipino tourists are fascinated by flower gardens because of the novelty they pose, especially for the city dwellers. Seeing towering sunflowers and other colourful vegetation at such close proximity can excite anyone and get them to whip out their phones or cameras for the pretty photo opportunity.

That is why Sirao Flower Garden is such a hit not only for Cebuanos but for the visiting tourists and foreigners as well. It became the most popular attraction in Cebu Transcentral Highway and became a staple in many travel itineraries provided by various travel package providers. It first made rounds in 2015 when people started posting photos of its Amsterdam-esque visuals on social media.

The two Sirao Flower gardens

Today, there are two Sirao gardens. The first one is the original Sirao Flower Garden where you will see the lovely flower beds of different colors. The garden suffered damages from irresponsible and reckless tourism. The management improved the gardens and had decided to add more attractions, hence the addition of the Sirao Pictorial Garden and Camping Site.

Here, visitors can enjoy a resort-like accommodation since it has a swimming pool, fountains, and camping grounds. There are also kitschy decorations all over the garden, plus a few more Instagram-worthy spots like the giant hand and a lover’s nest.

How to get to Sirao Flower Garden

Sirao Flower Garden and PCGS are top spots to visit when in Cebu, and one would be remiss to miss them. One drawback of checking the place out is the potentially expensive commute that one has to take to get there. Here are some ways to get there:

Via organized tour.  Cebu abounds with travel agencies with different itineraries and their accompanying package rates. You can find a lot online, so choose which one fits your schedule and travel plans best.

Via habal-habal. A lot of habal-habal drivers are waiting for potential passengers at JY Square Mall and its surrounding area in Lahug. To get your value for money, it would be wise to haggle until you get a decent roundtrip price. Average price is Php400 for one or two people riding as passengers on one motorbike (same rate applies for one or two passengers). Tip: If you’re traveling alone and are shy to bother fellow tourists or the staff to take your photos, then you can hire your habal-habal driver take your photos for you for Php100.

Via private vehicle.  Whether you own a car or you rent one, it’s by far the best option. The place is searchable in Waze and Google maps. If you’re renting a car, the price varies depending on where you’re from and how many people will fit in the rented car/van.

Via Grab, Uber, or Taxi.  It is the second-best option.

Rates going to Sirao

Original Sirao Flower Garden: Entrance fee is now Php100. They operate from 6AM to 630PM. You can contact them at 0943 706 3437.

Sirao Pictorial Garden and Camping Site (PGCS): Entrance fee is Php50. They operate from 6AM to 630PM for all tourists and 630PM to 630AM for campers. You can contact them at 0946 937 789.

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