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Trek within the city at Spartan Trail from Banawa to Pamutan

Spartan Trail is a hiking spot located deep within the mountains of Banawa, Cebu City. It is a 2-5 hours trek that ends in Barangay Pamutan.

Cebu has some of the most sought-after hiking spots in the country. And hiking being one of the most liked hobbies by Cebuanos, there isn’t a shortage of outdoor activities to be made, even during lockdown.

Cebu City, despite its towering cityscapes, has many mountainous areas where hikers can explore. Among the popular ones is the Spartan Trail that starts in Banawa and ends in Barangay Pamutan.

The hike in Spartan Trail

Spartan Trail is one of the hikes that Cebu-based adventurers deem as the most challenging. One will probably get the idea from the name of the trail itself which is taken from the Battle of Thermopylae, one of the greatest Greek battles in history where the warriors demonstrated superhuman strength and dexterity.

The trail is full of boulders, rocks from dry riverbeds, and treacherous roads that give hikers an extra hard time during rainy days. There are many pit stops along the way, and among them is a beautiful waterfall where hikers can wash up and refill their water bottles.

Where does the trail start?

The Spartan Trail begins in Paseo Arcenas in Banawa. Some adventurers start at Good Shepherd which is just a few blocks away. 

Where does it end?

Then the hike goes to Monterrazas de Cebu, and then to the forests of Buhisan Watershed. Depending on your level as a hiker, the trail can take 2-5 hours to complete. The adventure ends in Barangay Pamutan, and the endpoint leads to other trails like the ones in Babag, Bonbon, Bitland, and Guadalupe, among many others.

The trail also has many picture-worthy spots. For those who want to show off Instagrammable proofs of this adventurous hike, there is no shortage of things from nature that they coils take photos of.


There is no entrance fee when entering the trail, but for novice hikers who have not been in the trail before, there is the option of hiring a local guide for Php200.

As with any mountain hike, you should bring snacks with you and a water bottle enough to sustain you for a half day’s worth of hike. Bring extra clothes in case of extreme sweating and the occasional, unexpected downpour. 

Be a responsible hiker and never throw away your garbage anywhere at any point in the hike. Do not make a lot of noise as a way of respecting the sanctity of the place, and bring footwear that can withstand the slippery paths.

Upon reaching the end of the trail, you can get back to the city proper by hiring a motorcycle driver to take you down to Lahug for Php30-40.

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