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Streetfood by Sugbo Mercado

Streetfood by Sugbo is a food bazaar brought by the same company behind Sugbo Mercado. It is located in the packet garden outside Krispy Kreme in Ayala.

Streetfood by Sugbo
Source: Cebu Holdings

Sugbo Mercado Food Bazaar Inc.,(SMFBI) is bringing wandering street food hawkers into the shopping mall market, in its mission to provide an incubation facility to micro-businesses.

“Streetfood by Sugbo”, their newest food bazaar brand, gathers together some of the famous street food concepts in Cebu in one venue, and in a high-traffic location.

Sugbo Mercado Food Bazaar Inc. now has three food bazaar brands: Sugbo Mercado in IT Park which opened 5 years ago, The Market which opened in 2018, and now Streetfood by Sugbo in Ayala. Streetfood’s main market targets the employees and visitors around Cebu Business Park.

SMBI has been provided startup entrepreneurs spaces to sell their food products to help them gain market access. Ready-to-eat food items that are usually peddled in the streets like taho, peanut, fishball, squid ball, balot and tempura are sold in Streetfood by Sugbo.

“We have tenants who are literally from the street. They come in and out, like the taho vendor who comes in later in the day,” said Michael Karlo Lim, Sugbo Mercado’s marketing director.

According to Lim, what differentiates Streetfood from Sugbo Mercado and The Market is that Streetfood is primarily offering streetfood items, which are perfect for those who just want a quick snack or food on the go.

SMBI made an annual leasing arrangement with the Ayala Malls Cebu management to put up Streetfood by Sugbo. Vendors are offered the spaces for monthly sub-leasing.

Streetfood by Sugbo is also expected to draw in more tourists who are eager to have an authentic experience with the local food and a taste of the Cebu culture. Cleanliness is observed in the area from the food preparation, vendors attending to the customers, and the washing area stationed at the back of the sphere, so they can rest assured that the streetfood served is as clean as it gets. They also aim to provide the mall-goers with affordable, yet decent street food spread.

Streetfood location in Ayala

The Streetfood is located at the pocket garden located between Ayala Malls Cebu Active Zone and Insular Life Building on Bohol Avenue, CBP. The space is shaped like a sphere and is housing 17 food tenants.

Streetfood by Sugbo is featuring food products from homegrown brands like Bertos Hababan (by Viriginia Farms employees); side walk vendor Fruit Ville, Ali Mango, Sisig Bar, Melton (Halo-Halo), Manok Bisayas Atbp., Azul Tuslob Buwa, Balot sa Nigo, and Seabu (owned by seafood suppliers from Bantayan Island), among others.

The Streetfood opens from 12 noon to 12 midnight.

Street Food by Sugbo Mercado officially opened on January 10 at Ayala Malls’s open area, outside Krispy Kreme.

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