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Tamp Café: A Love Letter to Plants and Coffee

To anyone who had cakes from Tazza Cafe Patisserie, give Tamp Cafe a visit. You will love their menu of Asian dishes, pasta, coffee, and more!

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Coffee shops are pretty much a staple for any city dweller. Even the least enthusiastic about caffeine and sweets have been dragged into cafes at some point to spend an afternoon or an evening full of stories, life updates, coffee, and cakes with their chums or business associates.

Most of the coffee shops however are drab, noisy, and dark. Sometimes these attributes are not very conducive for those looking for a productive break or an uninterrupted conversation. Plants are ornaments that definitely brighten up an area, and for people who are both coffee and plant enthusiasts, Tamp Café might just be the right place for you.

Tamp Café & Co.

all photos are sourced from their Facebook page

Tamp Café & Co. is a newly-opened café located along Kasabagan’s restaurant row. It is owned by the team behind Tazza Café Patisserie, a popular pastry shop in the city.

Their entrees perfect for breakfast, lunch, afternoon treats, and dinner. They take pride in their internationally-inspired cuisine and delightful interior – modern and bright.

Tamp Cafe has floor-to-ceiling glass framed in black, chic wall paintings, dark-colored wooden furniture, and enormous plants which are surely appreciated by plant and coffee lovers in the city.

The Pelican Event Hall

The Pelican Event Hall which is right above Tamp Café is also owned by the Tazza Café team. It is a place where you can organize intimate gatherings and corporate events, with food selections from Tamp Café. They also have an in-house sound system and whiteboard that are available for use for office get-togethers.

Message them for their venue and food packages.  


Tamp Café’s specials are a variety of comfort food picked up by Dexter and Jerese, the wife-and-husband tandem and owners of the café, from their travels throughout Asia.

They have localized dishes and entrees from Singapore, India, Thailand, and Korea. They have a rich coffee menu which includes Coffee Cloud Latte, Cold White Brew, Chocolate Mousse Cloud, and more.

Tamp Café also has a wide variety of cakes and pastries to choose from, which are baked by the team of Tazza Café Patisserie. In 2020, they won the Best of Cebu 2020 award for Best Pasta Dish for their chicken parmigiana.

To pre-order your cake, fill out this form:

How to contact Tamp Café

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