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Tarot the Gathering on February 9

Tarot: The Gathering – A Basic Workshop in Tarot Reading will be held at Books and Brews Café on February 9

Tarot the Gathering
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Tarot is a spiritual practice that has been around for ages, but is now becoming more prominent in wellness culture, especially among millenials. It is increasingly coupled with mental health advice. 

For those who are not that acquainted with the practice of tarot reading, it is archetypal and use similar language to describe past, present and future situations and emotions. It is more visual than astrology, and has a deck of 78 cards with images that show different archetypes and symbols and situations. A few examples include “death,” “the sun” and “the magician.” These images represent the vast array of things we encounter in the human experience.

“Tarot is popular on the internet, and a lot of young people toward tarot reading because it is fun and puts them on a path toward greater self-awareness.”

To practice tarot, you can pull cards yourself or have someone else pull them for you. There are countless tarot decks available, but the Rider-Waite version is a well-known, affordable option. Most tarot decks include a booklet that explains the cards and offers general interpretations, but you may also want to purchase a book on tarot that goes deeper. 

Tarot reading in Cebu

In Cebu, there is a growing interest in engaging and learning tarot reading. As a matter of fact, there will be a tarot reading event to be held on February 9. Its name is Tarot: The Gathering – A Basic Workshop in Tarot Reading.

The event’s venue will be at Books and Brews Café. The workshop will be conducted by Gino Paradela, a professional tarot reader based in Cebu. 

Paradela has been a student of the esoterica and divination since 2008. He received his MA in Literature from Cebu Normal University. His graduate school thesis work extensively with the Jungian Archetypal tradition. He works with different divination systems such as Astrology, the I Ching, Tarot, and Tasseography. He is the founder of Societas Solve et Coagula, a study group in Cebu for the promulgation of the Western Esoteric Tradition and Filipino Occultism.

The workshop will include lessons on:

1. Short History of the Tarot
2. Why Divination is Important
3. Introducing the Major and Minor Arcana
4. Schools of Tarot Interpretation: Picking the Right School for You
5. Magical hygiene: Banishing unwanted energies after readings
6. Cleansing the Tarot
7. How to Read the Tarot

Tarot card reading workshop rates

There are three booking fees for the workshop:
Php 350 – Early Bird Rate
Php 450 – Two Weeks Before Event
Php 550 – On the Day Itself

Out of the booking fee, P150 will be consumable at the location. Books and Brews Café, where the workshop is happening, has an assortment of beverages as well as pasta and sandwiches, so there is plenty to choose from. They also have Wifi and an array of books if you want to tarry after the workshop is done.

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