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Jasmina, Jim, and The White Mansion

Great art and great food together! What can go wrong? Head on to The White Mansion in Lapu-lapu City, an elegant 2D cafe.

Don’t you just love it when you can enjoy food and art together?

Nestled in Mactan, Lapu-lapu City is a concept café that will trick your eye. Everything looks two-dimensional from the walls, tables, chairs, and the café’s façade. And the establishment isn’t just the attraction too: its owners are so popular on social media that people flock to the café both for the place and the viral couple behind the successful project that is The White Mansion.

The White Mansion

all photos are sourced from The White Mansion's Facebook page

The White Mansion is a 2D art café in Cebu that is reminiscent of the 18th century atmosphere. Everything inside and outside the café is painted so it gives the illusion of the entire place being flat, like a doodle. This makes The White Mansion a favorite spot for Instagrammers and photography enthusiasts.

The White Mansion serves milk tea, cakes, coffee, and pastries. It is owned by Jasmina Cirstea, 22, and Jim Bryan Calonia, 31. The two are a couple who met three years ago on a cruise ship where Jim worked as a bartender.

Jasmina’s parents who owned a circus called Sirkus Valentino in Finland for 20 years were his frequent customers, and Jasmina and Jim would catch glimpses of each other until that one night when Jim sang in the ship’s open mic bar and dedicated his number to Jasmina. According to the couple, the rest is history after that.

Jasmina and Jim’s romance became an interesting topic to Filipino netizens who sensationalized their love story and made the couple viral on social media. People were struck by their difference and their circumstances, and the couple had had several invitations by various online groups for features and interviews, most of which were turned down by them.

Having been stuck in Cebu in 2020 during the pandemic, the couple decided to open a business in Lapu-lapu to get by and occupy their hours. Now, they are being hounded by publications for a different reason, which is the success of The White Mansion. Its unique concept and picturesque aesthetics are becoming Cebuano’s new favorite hub.

The White Mansion is also open for photoshoots.


The café serves a variety of beverages including milk tea, cream cheese specials, fruit teas, and coffee. Click here to check out their full menu.

They also serve whole cakes which should be ordered three days in advance:

  • 9 inch Whole Flavored Cheesecake – Php 1250
  • 9 inch Whole Classic Cheesecake – Php 850
  • 9 inch Whole Chocolate Custard – Php 800
  • 9 inch Whole Red Velvet – Php 900
  • 9 inch Whole Carrot Cake – Php 900

The White Mansion is open for deliveries and pabili services. You can purchase milk teas, desserts, and coffee through the following services:

  • Grab Pabili
  • Maxim Pabili
  • Lalamove Pabili

How to contact The White Mansion