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Free Vitamin Sea at Tingko Beach

Ever heard of a free white-sand beach? Alcoy’s crown jewel, Tingko Beach, has pristine blue waters and white sand that tourists enjoy.

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There are many beautiful white-sand beaches here in Cebu. People go to the far north and south just to seize photo opportunities of their pristine, blue waters and clear, white sand that are rare commodities in resorts nearer to the city.

But, very seldom are they for free. Often, you have to pay a certain fee to gain entrance and lounge around in the beach. Luckily at Tingko Beach, you don’t have to pay a dime to get in and enjoy this pretty stretch of tropical bliss.

Tingko Beach

Tingko Beach is a popular attraction in Daan Lungsod, Alcoy. It is located in a lagoon across an island called Mabad-on Reef, which interestingly disappears completely in high tide and is exposed during low tide. The island is separated by a narrow channel from the mainland.

The beach is situated down below a limestone cliff, which makes it visibly hidden when viewed from the road. It is a long shoreline with a mile long of white sand littered with coconut palm grooves and limestones. The sea floor gradually slopes several feet below the surface, which is perfect for snorkeling and diving.

Four divisions of Tingko Beach

Tingko Beach is divided into four parts: Tingko Beach 1 and 2, Voda Krasna Resort, and the public beach. Tingko Beach 1 and 2 has an entrance fee of Php20 while the public beach is free. It is usually crowded especially during weekends and holidays. Folks from the city and other countries populate the area with their parasols and beach mats and tents.

Rows of affordable house accommodations can be found within the area for those who are planning to stay longer. There are also huts complete with facilities like running water and toilet for those who want to spend the day by the beach. Camping is also encouraged here, so feel free to bring your tents and camp for the night – just remember to clean up after yourselves.

If you want to check out the nearby attractions, you can visit Bantayan sa Hari which is a centuries-old attraction that dates back to the Spanish colonization times.


Tingko Beach has no accommodations of its own, but there are wooden cottages you can rent for day use. The fees range from Php300 to Php1000, depending on the size.

There are local beach houses, vacation houses, and apartments nearby for you to stay in overnight. Their rates are cheap ranging from Php500 to Php1000. You can also head over to Voda Krasna Beach resort for a more luxurious accommodation, click here for more information.

There is a lodging called barangay Beach House owned by Ricky Gonzales. It is a duplex cottage with a veranda that offers a magnificent view of the sea. You can contact him at 09182874023 for reservations and inquires.

To put up a tent, you will have to pay Php100 for the space, but some areas are free if you know where to find them.

How to contact Tingko Beach

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