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Top 10 Hot job opportunities during the pandemic

The Covid-19 outbreak forced many workers out of their employment. Take these hot job opportunities that are still hiring during the pandemic.

Work from home

A lot of businesses have been severely impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak. Many workers are forced to adjust to a work-from-home setup due to social distancing and cost-cutting reasons. Several others find themselves out of job and floundering to get a new one as quickly as possible.

Compared to the average economy, some jobs are doing better financially and logistically while other professions are approaching financial crisis. This economic recession has created a huge demand for internet-related jobs, and people who possess a broad range of income-generating skills will have a better chance of weathering the pandemic.

If you are looking for a full-time or sideline job online, upskill yourself and push your luck with these job sectors that are still hiring during the pandemic:


There is a surge of job applications especially for internet-based professions. Employers will need professional assistance in sifting applicants, and many are outsourcing this job to companies offering hiring services. If you have previous job experiences that were people-oriented, you can apply as a recruiter.

Customer service representative 

The good thing about being a customer service representative is that it is one of the least discriminating jobs in that any person with at least a secondary degree can become one. You can also work from home too with this job.

Loaning companies

We are in an economic climate where more and more people are turning to loaning companies as an alternative source for cash. There are more vacancies now given the massive need for loans and grants.

Tech jobs

Even at the entry level, tech jobs are relatively among the better-paying positions. Expand your tech skill set through online classes and upgrade your internet connection to have a better shot at a tech job.

Shipping and delivery companies

There is a significant boom in the online shopping and shipping industry. Since the closing of malls and shops, many couriers and online shops are hiring at an unprecedented speed, so if safety and people exposure are not much of an issue then you can apply here.

Online learning companies

Schools have closed due to the pandemic, and most people are at home quarantine and therefore have time to spare for online lessons. There has never been a time in history where there is such a gaping need for online teachers and instructors.


The demand for STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) occupations is increasing since this field for the most part does not necessarily suffer from logistical limitations.

Health care

This is perhaps the industry with the highest demand for workers these days. Other than doctors and nurses, people with no extensive medical background can become health care workers too. You can apply as a contact tracer, live-in care nurse, physician assistants, and other type of medical personnel.

Social entrepreneurship

You can reinvent yourself and create business to address needs and demands that the government alone cannot provide. If you’re an expert in niche topics and fields like accounting, law, finance, or filmmaking, you can offer consulting and professional services.

Personal service

Because establishments are closed and people are more concerned with their safety, there is an overwhelming need for personal and home services especially for hard-hit areas. You can have steady income from being a personal trainer, nail tech, hair stylist, or nutritionist and such making home visits or offering guidance online via Zoom and similar platforms.

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