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Top 10 Things to do to not get bored during quarantine

As we approach the fifth month of quarantine, here’s a list of enjoyable things we can do during quarantine to stay sane and safe.

Gaming at home

We are on the fifth month of quarantine, and the pandemic situation doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon. It’s been a long time since most of us have been out, and there is only so much we can do to keep ourselves from getting the cabin fever at an arm’s length.

So, here’s a list of things to do to not get bored during quarantine on your own or with the virtual presence of your friends and loved ones.

Let’s make the best of our present situation while staying safe and sane.

Virtually hang and play games with your group

So your weekly hang-outs with your friends at your favorite pub have been cancelled, but you can each take turn in hosting virtual hang outs and game nights at the comfort of your own homes. In this golden age of remote everything, you can keep having your dose of gossip, drinks, discussions, selfies, and games with your team vis-à-vis albeit on blue screens.

Learn new skills through online courses

To distract our minds from these pandemic-induced anxieties and other unpleasant feelings, we should take our energies elsewhere that is productive and would help us grow and expand our skillsets. Take online classes from MasterClass or from free apps like Udemy.

Stay fit

Working and going out helped us keep a sense of having an active lifestyle. Since we’re staying at home 24/7, let’s keep getting physical. You can work out without equipment by yourself or with others through fitness classes.

Document your isolation

Write it out on a journal or tape yourself doing anything quarantine related. You can even start your personal podcast or vlog and just talk about your experiences. This way you get to document yourself and vent out thoughts you have difficulty expressing to people.

Read books

It is understandable that we’d feel tired about our own reality. So get yourself a book and be in a world that isn’t half as bad as the one where we live in.

Host a group movie night

You can watch movies with other people even when you’re apart. Download Netflix Party on your computer and chat your friends the link on whatever movie or show you want to watch with them and you can have your own virtual screening.

Grow your own garden

Bringing some green into your room will not only add aesthetic value to your space but also help you have a better frame of mind. Gardening is a relaxing thing to do, and it makes you look forward to something like your own plants growing by the day.

Create art

You don’t have to be a very artistic person to make your own art. You can start a simple sketchbook, color a mandala coloring book, begin songwriting, take up a paintbrush, or do cross stitch.

Learn new dishes

We can always have drive-by food or have our meals delivered. However, you can put some extra hours into a fruitful evening in the kitchen. Learn new dishes to cook by watching free tutorials on Youtube and other websites.

Take a virtual world tour

Spending the day at a museum or a tourist spot is still an option, even if you can’t leave the house. You can go on a virtual tour via Google Arts and Culture app and view paintings, see ancient rocks, and relive the experience.

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