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Trek within the city: Bocaue Peak

Bocaue Peak is located in Bonbon, a mountainous barangay in Cebu City. It is also known as the Muffin Peak.

Bocaue Peak
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Looking for a challenging trek within Cebu City? Look no further than Mount Bocaue or Bocaue Peak.

Bocaue Peak is known to many as Muffin Peak. It is located in Bonbon, a mountainous barangay in Cebu City. They call it the muffin peak because it looks a muffin when you try to see it from its foot. 

Bocaue Peak is one of the most promising summits, offering a stunning 360-degrees of city and nature view. Its trail class is classified as 2-3/9 and difficulty 3-4/9, making it a very challenging trekking destination. At the top of the peak is an ample amount of space that can accommodate around five 3-person tents. 

Trails in Bocaue Peak

Among all the trails going to Bocaue Peak, Babag Trail and 5 Towers Trail are the most popular. Both trails start at Sitio Napo at Barangay Guadalupe, Cebu City.

  • Babag Trail – This trail goes through Babag Range which is very common to mountaineers in Cebu City. People trek until they reach RCPI Towers that serve as the peak of Mt. Babag. They thengo right and exit through Mountain View at Busay in Cebu. To reach Bocaue Peak through Babag Trail, you should go left from RCPI towers. 
  • 5 Towers Trail – It starts with the same trail as that of Babag for around 20 minutes until reaching a certain part and turned into a high ascending trail to the 5 towers. These are literal series of communication towers. This trail is more difficult because it’s unestablished. 

How long to trek Bocaue Peak?

It takes 4-5 hours to hike Bocaue Peak can be day hiked regardless of the trail and the pace for around. Another 1-2 hours are for descending the peak through Babag-Busay trail. For those who wish to camp, you can also spend the night at the peak or the surrounding campsites.

Bocaue Peak rates

You can expect to have minimal expenses when trekking Bocaue Peak because of its proximity. It is not maintained by the local government so there are no registration and other necessary fees to pay. 

Your only expenses are your food, personal necessities, and your transportation going to the jump off at Sitio Napo and going home from Mountain View, Busay. On average, you will spend approximately Php102, but this does not include food and guiding services.

Weather in Mount Bocaue

One can expect extreme weather when trekking Bocaue Peak. Other things to expect are dehydration and hypothermia since there is no credible water source, and the temperature can get extremely cold at night due to the thick surrounding vegetation. It is a must to store enough water and heating equipment when braving through Bocaue Peak. Fogs are commonplace and can be witnessed at dawn. 

How to get to Bocaue Peak

5 Towers trail and Babag trail both start at Sitio Napo at Barangay Guadalupe, Cebu City. From Cebu City Proper, you can ride any jeepney going to Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish Church (jeepney code usually starts with 06).

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