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Cebu Bulletin Top Picks: Top 5 Tuslob Buwa Stations in Metro Cebu

If you want to get your fix of tuslob buwa, check out these handpicked tuslob buwa establishments located throughout Metro Cebu.

tuslob buwa setup with wok and puso

For Cebuanos, tuslob buwa is not just an afternoon snack or a sumptuous, filling meal. Every table with a tuslob buwa setup sits a group of friends or family members gathered around enjoying food and each other’s company, dipping their rice balls in the wok full of boiling pig brain sauce and laughing their troubles away.

This popular street food has become a staple in our modern culture that several restaurants have co-opted the business concept of this communal chow and added an exclusivity element into it. Today, you can find several restaurants with tuslob buwa as their specialty dish.

What is tuslob buwa?

Tuslob buwa is a uniquely Cebuano street food originally sold in barangay Pasil and Ermita and in some other parts in Cebu. It used to be served in one big wok where hungry patrons would just dip their own puso and share the pig brain sauce with others.

It is a tasty dish, but the communal nature of it turned off most people, so now there are establishments offering tuslob buwa that comes with an exclusive dining setup and stove to interested customers.

The words tuslob buwa literally translates “to dip into bubbles.”

Tuslob buwa’s main ingredient is the pig’s brain. It is mixed with liver, onions, and oil to create a bubble-filled dish. Sometimes, shrimp is added to add taste to the dish.

The preparation is simple. All you need is a wok and the mixture provided to you to achieve that saucy dipping.  This will be best served with your puso (hanging rice) that you will dip into the pan. Ice-cold soft drinks on the side are recommended to complete your street dining experience.

Top picks for tuslob buwa stations

If you want to get your fix of tuslob buwa, check out these handpicked tuslob buwa establishments located throughout Metro Cebu. They have the best tuslob buwa, and customer service to beat!

Buwaan sa Dagat

  • Location: Pooc Sitio Maharlika, Talisay City, Cebu
  • Store hours: 1PM to 9PM daily
  • Menu
    • Php99 for the tuslob-buwa package
    • Lumpia
    • Dynamite
    • Porkchop
    • Fried Chicken
    • Chicken Pruben
    • Tempura
    • Hotdog
    • Siomai
  • Contact
    • Phone: 09319095548

Papa Kerts

  • Location: V.H Garces St. Poblacion Talisay City across Plaza Ne George and besife Talisay City College
  • Store hours: 10AM to 10PM daily
  • Menu
    • Php99 for unlimited tuslob buwa with free 1 pitcher of iced tea
    • Sizzling Porkchop
    • Sozzling Pork Tocino
    • Sizzling Bicol Express
    • Sizzling Burger Steak
    • Sizzling Hungarian Sausage
    • Sizzling Beef Tapa
    • Silog meals
  • Contact

GMRC Tuslob Buwa

  • Location: 1st Street Sunrise Village, Poblacion Pardo, Cebu City behind Wellcome Pardo (now Robinsons Easymart)
  • Store hours: 8AM to 9PM daily
  • Menu
    • Unlimited tuslob buwa, just pay for the rice and sides
    • Siomai
    • Dynamite
    • Lumpia tawgi
    • Lumpia shanghai
    • Chicharon
    • Tamarind
    • Peanut brittle
  • Contact
    • Phone: 09615998488

Chill n’ Bubbles

  • Location: Mahayahay I Pardo, Cebu City
  • Store hours: Weekends, 2:30PM until supplies last
  • Menu
    • Set A – Php100 for unli pig’s brain, unli pork broth, unli chili, 20 pcs of puso, and free onion
    • Set B – Php5 for every puso, with unli pig’s brain, unli pork broth, unli chili
    • Siomai
    • Chicharon
    • Soft drinks
  • Contact

Azul Cebu

  • Location: Taft Business Center, Asilo Street, Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City beside Yamaha and Wasted Chef
  • Store hours: 10AM to 10PM daily
  • Menu
    • Regular – Php150 for 12pcs puso and 1 set of tuslob buwa
    • Special – Php180 for 12pcs puso, 1 tuslob buwa set, chicharron bits, egg, roasted garlic
    • Batchoy
    • Uyok
  • Contact

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