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Why working from home is the best option during the pandemic

While waiting for the vaccine for Covid-19 to be available to the public, let’s make the most of the working from home lifestyle.

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Working from home suddenly became a la mode when the Covid-19 pandemic swept the entire globe. Companies were forced to send their employees home, and remote work quickly became the new norm.

Some of us have adapted, while others are still grappling with the concept. There is a specific challenge that people are faced when working from home, and that is to separate work from home life.

For those struggling to work remotely and are wanting to return to their office and workplace for whatever reason, you might just want to pull through a little longer and sit this pandemic out.

Covid-19 situation in Cebu City

Workers infect their household members

There had been more recoveries recently than there are new cases. From August 16 to 22, the total number of recovered patients is 421 (as compiled by CDN Digital) while new cases total 134.

However, most of the new cases recorded are office employees and their family members and close contacts. It is said that the offices right now are the critical areas where the transmissions are coming from since workers would bring home the virus to their homes.

Dr. Michelle Linsalata, head of Cebu City Emergency Operation Center (EOC), reiterated the importance of following health and safety protocols when leaving for work or run errands as one is already exposed by virtue of being out of the house.

Cebu City mayor would keep restrictions under MGCQ

As a result of Cebu City’s consistent low record of new Covid-19 positive cases since July, the residents feel that the city is ready to transition to the most relaxed form of quarantine, the MGCQ (modified general community quarantine).

However, Mayor Edgardo Labella insists on keeping the quarantine passes to restrict movement. “The virus is still around,” according to the mayor, so he is also keen on not letting theaters, concert organizers, and movie houses resume business to retain the social distancing policy and avoid public gatherings.

Benefits of working from home

Obviously, safety is still a big and glaring issue. Perhaps you just need more time to appreciate the WFH lifestyle and its advantages:

  1. You have better control over your schedule which makes it easier to attend to the needs of your personal life.
  2. No more wasting time commuting which is especially beneficial to those who live towns away from their workplace.
  3. You can work and make a career wherever you are.
  4. You gain significant savings from transportation, professional wardrobe, food, and more.
  5. The environment can breathe fresh air as there are fewer carbon emissions from vehicles, reduced paper consumption, and lowered industrial energy consumption.
  6. You can set up a home office and customize it to your needs and heart’s content.

Bottom line

Of course, there is just as much hard work in working from home as there is in an actual office. However, this pandemic will be here for quite a while.

Whether we like it or not, we have to adjust ourselves internally in terms of discipline, productivity, and efficiency so we can keep ourselves and our family safe and not jeopardize our career. Until the world is pandemic-free, let’s make the most of the ‘new normal’.

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