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The ultimate home office guide: 11 Work-from-home essentials

Setting up your home office is a serious investment. Be sure to equip it with work from home essentials for efficiency and increased productivity.

a typical home office

Most of us who are now working from home used to work in an office before the pandemic. We walked out our workstations thinking that we will only be setting up shop in our house for a few weeks. Then weeks turned to months as the number of positive cases and fatalities continued to rise with no hope for a vaccine anytime soon.

That was when it finally dawned on us: we could be working from home indefinitely.

Six months went by fast. By now we should have eased into this work-from-home lifestyle, yet somehow we  find ourselves still hitting the same road bumps from six months ago: ability to focus is still an issue, productivity is ever fluctuating, and our backs are literally breaking from work.

Why investing in ourselves is important

Our outside should reflect what’s on the inside. We could wake up and feel energized, motivated to accomplish many tasks, only to have that energy dissipate as soon as we sit on our uncomfortable chair and lay our hands on our kitchen table-turned-work desks.

We have to think long term, and so we should recalibrate the conditions of our working environment to make it conducive for peak productivity, heightened focus, and healthier lifestyle.

In addition to your staple items like laptop, high-speed internet, office stationery, keyboard, and mouse, here are 15 work-from-home essentials for your home office:

1. Office chair

Your chair is the most crucial part of your workspace as it determines your sitting position and level of comfort at work. While any chair might work, choose an ergonomic office chair that is height adjustable with a 360-swivel base, adjustable backrest and seat depth, and built-in lumbar support.

2. Heavy duty power strip 

Plug in your phone, laptop, smart home devices, lamp, speaker and every gadget in one …everything you need in one long extension block, ideally with USB outlets.

3. Art decor

Spruce up your workspace with some wall décor items like vases, geometric wire décor, decorative cards, or paintings and artsy personal effects like frames with photos to add an aesthetic touch and breathe life into the area.

4. Plants

Plants attract positive energy, improve air quality, reduce your physical and mental stress, and make your office environment more pleasant.

5. Mesh desk organizer

This will help keep your desk clutter-free and organize your stationary items and papers. It also makes it convenient for you to grab all that you might immediately need in one place.

6. Stand-up adjustable desk

A functional work desk should be fine, if you want to avoid sitting idle for too long, you can have an adjustable desk that you can raise so you can stand. It helps reduce risk of weight gain, high blood sugar levels, heart disease, and back pain.

7. Monitor

An added monitor to your laptop screen can help you view more tabs simultaneously, switch programs, be more organized, and increase your productivity.

8. Noise cancelling headphones

Invest in a pair of noise-cancelling headphones to listen to music and get into the work zone without the disruption of regular house noises and commotions.

9. Coffee mug warmer

Having a constantly warm coffee on your desk will keep you from drinking room temperature coffee and repeated visits to the kitchen counter to make some more.

10. Desk lamp

To compensate for the lack of adequate lighting from sunlight when we’re working at night, a desk lamp would be a thoughtful addition to your desk.

11. Cabinet/drawer

It is a space-saving idea and a convenient thing to  keep a cabinet or drawer near you where you can grab important files and other miscellaneous items within your reach.

If you want tips on how to set up your own proper home office, click here.

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