The Philippines is a great place for online betting, with legal websites for sports bets, online casinos, and bingo.

We’ve looked around and picked the top betting sites for people in the Philippines. We’ll also share advice on how to bet smart, ways to pay, the best chances to win, and special offers that can help you make money from sports like football and basketball.

Online Sports Betting in the Philippines

The allure of online sports betting in the Philippines is undeniable, with the industry experiencing rapid growth and offering a plethora of options for enthusiasts. Choosing a licensed betting site ensures that your rights are protected and you have additional safeguards from the authorities, making it a secure environment for placing bets.

Online bookmakers provide the convenience of betting from anywhere at any time, especially with over 90% of platforms supporting mobile access through apps or web browsers. The deposit methods are diverse, ranging from digital wallets like Skrill and Neteller to traditional options such as bank wire transfers.

Here’s a list of some notable online sports betting sites in the Philippines for 2024:


A dynamic online gaming platform that specializes in live dealer games, offering an immersive experience with real-time interaction and a wide selection of classic casino games like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat.


An online casino and sports betting website known for its extensive library of slots, table games, and sportsbook options, catering to a diverse audience with competitive odds and various betting markets.


A platform focusing on sports betting, particularly known for its comprehensive coverage of football leagues worldwide. It also provides live betting options, enhancing the thrill of game-day predictions.


This online casino combines traditional and modern games, including slots, poker, and innovative arcade betting games. It’s known for user-friendly interfaces and attractive bonus schemes for both new and regular players.


An all-in-one betting platform that offers a vast array of gaming options from sports betting to live casino and e-sports. Its standout feature is the integration of advanced security measures to ensure player safety.


A gaming site that focuses on the Asian market, offering a mix of casino games and regional favorites like Sic Bo and Dragon Tiger. It’s celebrated for its cultural-themed games and Asian-friendly payment options.


Known for its vibrant and colorful interface, this platform provides a fun and engaging environment for playing a variety of slots, table games, and live dealer options, along with regular promotions and tournaments.


A platform that caters to the Filipino market, offering a mix of casino games, sports betting, and localized options like Sabong (cockfighting). It stands out for its community-focused features and local payment methods.


An online casino that targets the Philippine market with a dreamy, aspirational theme. It offers a wide range of gaming options, including slots, table games, and a lottery, focusing on providing a high-quality, immersive experience.


This platform is designed with the Philippine player in mind, offering a comprehensive betting experience that includes sports, casino games, and unique local games. It’s known for its user-friendly interface and excellent customer service.


A newer player in the online gaming scene, offering a fresh and modern approach to online slots and live dealer games. It emphasizes mobile compatibility and innovative gaming features.


A robust online gaming platform that offers a wide selection of games, including slots, live casino, and sports betting. It’s known for its reliable customer support and flexible banking options.


An online casino known for its fizzy and fun theme, offering an exciting selection of slots, table games, and unique promotional events. It prides itself on fast withdrawals and a loyalty rewards program.

Tmtplay Net

Similar to Tmtplay but with a specific focus on network-based gaming experiences, including multiplayer slots and live tournament play. It aims to create a more connected and competitive gaming environment.


An esports betting platform that stands out for its comprehensive coverage of competitive gaming events, in-depth analysis, and live streaming options. It caters to the growing esports fan base with innovative betting options.


A platform that offers sports betting and casino games, with a strong emphasis on privacy and anonymity. It supports cryptocurrency transactions, appealing to tech-savvy players looking for secure betting options.


Known for its user-friendly interface and extensive selection of live casino games and sports betting options. It focuses on providing a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience, with excellent customer support.


A gaming platform that pushes the boundaries with extreme sports betting and high-adrenaline casino games. It’s designed for thrill-seekers looking for high-stakes action and cutting-edge game designs.

Royal Circle Club

An exclusive online casino that offers a luxury gaming experience with VIP services, high roller table games, and personalized customer care. It’s aimed at discerning players seeking a premium online casino experience.


A comprehensive betting platform offering round-the-clock sports betting, live casino games, and slots. It’s known for its live betting features, allowing players to bet on sports events as they unfold.

Apex Gaming 88

A top-tier gaming platform offering a wide range of casino games, sports betting, and e-sports. It prides itself on advanced gaming technology and a commitment to providing an exceptional gaming experience.

Nexus Gaming 88

Focuses on connecting players with a vast array of gaming options, including innovative slots, esports betting, and immersive live dealer games. It’s known for its community-driven approach and interactive gaming tournaments.

How Do We Test and Review Sports Betting Sites?

When it comes to evaluating the myriad of online sports betting platforms in the Philippines, our approach is both comprehensive and meticulous. We prioritize security and user experience to ensure that every site we recommend is trustworthy and offers a seamless betting experience. Our team rigorously tests each platform, assessing factors such as the robustness of security measures, the variety of sports available for betting, and the overall reliability of the service.

Our goal is to present to you accurate sites that deserve your account and can help you have fun and win a bet.

We delve into the user interface, payment options, customer support, and promotional offers to provide a holistic view of what you can expect. By doing so, we aim to empower you with the knowledge to choose the best online bookmaker that fits your betting preferences and needs.

In the Philippines, the passion for sports is mirrored in the betting preferences of its people. Basketball reigns supreme, with the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) and NBA betting being particularly popular. But the love for sports doesn’t end there; Filipinos also enjoy betting on baseball, volleyball, tennis, and boxing, with each sport offering a variety of events and betting options.

The landscape of online sports betting in the Philippines is diverse, with a range of platforms catering to the different preferences of bettors. Whether you’re a fan of local games or international matches, there’s something for everyone.

Online Sports Betting License for the Philippines

In the Philippines, the freedom to engage in online sports betting is a significant advantage for bettors. All forms of betting, including sports, are legal and regulated, ensuring a safe and legitimate environment for enthusiasts. It’s essential to recognize that while betting is permitted, every operator must secure the proper licensing to offer their services legally.

The Philippine government has made it clear that online sports betting is 100% legal, granting bettors the liberty to enjoy their hobby without legal concerns.

How to Create an Account on Sports Betting Sites

Creating an account on a sports betting site in the Philippines is a straightforward process. Here’s a quick rundown of the steps involved:

  1. Choose a sports betting site from the list of popular platforms such as 747live, milyon88, okebet, and others.
  2. Navigate to the ‘register’ or ‘create a new account’ section on the chosen site.
  3. Enter your personal details accurately. It’s essential to use real information as these sites adhere to strict verification procedures.
  4. Confirm that you are of legal age, which is 18 years or above, to engage in betting activities.
  5. Deposit funds into your account using one of the available methods.
  6. Start placing your bets on your favorite sports.

Remember, it’s crucial to ensure that you are betting responsibly and within the legal boundaries set by the Philippines’ regulations. Betting under the age of 18 is prohibited and can lead to legal consequences.

Deposit Methods at a Sportsbook in the Philippines

When engaging in online sports betting in the Philippines, depositing real money is a fundamental step. A wide array of payment methods is available, catering to the diverse preferences of bettors. The process is typically straightforward and designed to be user-friendly:

  1. Click on the Deposit Button
  2. Choose Deposit Method
  3. Decide Amount of Deposit
  4. Confirm Deposit
  5. Enjoy Betting

It’s essential to ensure that deposits are free of charge and processed instantly to avoid any disruptions in your betting experience.

Among the popular deposit methods, credit/debit cards like Visa and Mastercard remain a reliable choice, offering instant deposits and seamless integration with bonus activations. E-wallets such as PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller are also favored for their speed and convenience. Each sportsbook may support a variety of methods, so it’s advisable to check the options and select the one that suits you best.

Minimum Bet and Maximum Profit on Sports Betting Sites

When engaging in online sports betting in the Philippines, it’s crucial to understand the financial parameters set by various platforms. Each sportsbook has its own minimum bet requirement and maximum profit cap, which can significantly affect your betting strategy. The minimum bet is the smallest amount you can wager on an event, and it’s a detail often overlooked by bettors. Conversely, the maximum profit is the highest payout you can achieve from a single bet, which varies depending on the sport and the odds offered.

For instance, a modest bet on a football match might yield a seven-figure payout, while the same stake on a basketball game could result in a five-figure sum. It’s essential to review the terms and conditions of each site to understand these limits. Some sites also impose a maximum bet limit for certain events, which is typically indicated on the betting slip or during the bet placement process.

Opportunity for Casino Gaming at Betting Sites

The Philippines offers a prime opportunity for online casino ventures, and many sports betting sites are expanding their horizons to include casino gaming. This dual-functionality allows players to use one account for both sports betting and casino games, providing a convenient and comprehensive gambling experience.

Odds for Sports Bets from Bookmakers

Understanding the odds offered by bookmakers is crucial for bettors in the Philippines. Each bookmaker sets their odds for events, which can vary significantly, affecting potential winnings. It’s essential to compare odds across different platforms to ensure the best returns on your bets.

Live Betting

Live betting has revolutionized the way bettors engage with sports, offering the thrill of placing wagers as the action unfolds. The dynamic nature of live betting means odds are constantly updated, reflecting the real-time performance and momentum of the teams or players involved. This form of betting is particularly popular in the Philippines, where fans can immerse themselves in the game and make strategic bets based on the live developments.

Each platform offers unique features and betting options, catering to a wide range of preferences and styles. It’s essential to explore these sites and find the one that best suits your live betting needs.

Mobile Betting

These platforms not only offer a wide range of sports to bet on but also provide various bonuses and promotions tailored for mobile users. It’s important to choose a betting app that offers a user-friendly interface, secure payment options, and reliable customer support.

The convenience of mobile betting allows users to place bets, monitor odds, and manage their accounts with just a few taps on their devices, making it a preferred choice for many bettors in the Philippines.


In conclusion, the landscape of online sports betting in the Philippines in 2024 offers a wide array of opportunities for bettors. With a legal framework in place and a variety of sports to choose from, Filipino punters can enjoy a diverse betting experience. From popular sports like basketball to niche markets such as volleyball and tennis, the options are plentiful. Additionally, the availability of online bookmakers and the ease of creating accounts and making transactions contribute to a seamless betting experience. Overall, the future looks bright for online sports betting enthusiasts in the Philippines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, online sports betting is legal in the Philippines. Joining and betting at online betting sites is legal in the country.

Filipino punters enjoy basketball betting, volleyball betting, tennis betting, and boxing betting among other sports.

What deposit methods are available at sportsbooks in the Philippines?

Popular deposit methods at sportsbooks in the Philippines include GCash, PayPal, Bitcoin, Paysafecard, Skrill, Neteller, and more.

Are there bonuses for new players at bookmakers in the Philippines?

Yes, bookmakers in the Philippines offer bonuses for new players as well as other promotions to enhance the betting experience.

Is live betting available at online bookmakers in the Philippines?

Yes, online bookmakers in the Philippines offer live betting options for various sports events.

Can I access mobile betting on sports betting sites in the Philippines?

Yes, mobile betting is available on sports betting sites in the Philippines, allowing users to place bets on the go.


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